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The fitness industry has grown steadily over the past several years, and with it, many new brands of athletic clothing have been introduced. While most consumers are familiar with popular athletic brands such as Reebok, Adidas, or Nike workout clothes, there are many exceptional fitness apparel companies available today that don’t have a long history of being associated with footwear. Here are some of the best fitness apparel brands for you to choose from that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Built Apparel 

Built Apparel creates lightweight, comfortable fitness apparel for both men and women. The line features clothing available in a range of textures and styles, with items that are perfect for each season. Whether you are working out at the gym in the summer or jogging around the block in the early winter, you can find the right type of apparel to fit your everyday fitness needs when you shop with Built Apparel. The company began in 2015 with their main goal to produce fitness wear that was both reliable and comfortable. Today their products are available all over the world to athletes who strive to be bold and healthy.

Outdoor Voices 

Outdoor Voices is a fitness brand designed to be heads above the rest. The company was founded in 2014 and has always taken the approach of creating clothing that is stylish and athletically inspired. Their technical apparel is perfect for all types of outdoor recreation. With items for both Men and Women available, such as leggings, trail shoes, jackets, and accessories, you can find everything you need to wear for your outdoor adventures.

Athos Wearable Fitness Apparel 

Athos is a company dedicated to helping the world build better athletes. Since they first began in 2012, Athos has worked on ways to improve movement and muscle activation through exercise. They own several training centers as well as a free mobile app that provides users with real-time information on how to improve their training. Their fitness wear features a high-performance base layer that extracts sweat while providing the wearer with all-day comfort.

Love Fitness Apparel

Love Fitness Apparel is all about creating quality, stylish workout gear for women. Customers appreciate the full range of colorful fabrics and comfortable clothing options that the brand has available. Always look your best even while you are hitting the gym in their selection of print leggings, luxe sports bras, printed tees, crop tanks and more. The company lives up to its mantra, which is to Love Fitness, Work Hard and Stay Humble.


Vimmia is a Los Angeles based active wear design company that was first launched in 2012. The company’s focus is on the range of fabrics and unique designs that they put together to create amazing fashion apparel. The brand has even managed to patent some of their fabric combinations and designs, meaning you won’t be able to find a product exactly like theirs from any other company. Their apparel includes some modernized features such as thermoregulation, which is the ability to successfully wick away sweat and moisture to keep you comfortable during your workout session.

Alphalete Athletics Fitness Apparel 

The Men’s and Women’s fitness gear brand offers a broad range of fitness wear items from tops and joggers to underwear, hoodies, and shorts. Their apparel is perfect for those who live an active lifetime and made from quality material that will last throughout countless intense workout sessions. Located in Texas, Alphalete is one company that you should be on the lookout for when it comes to adding to your fitness wardrobe.

EYSOM Men’s Fitness Apparel

EYSOM Men’s Wear has a unique acronym in their brand name which stands for Exercise Your State of Mind. This men’s fitness apparel company is also based on Los Angeles and is currently dominating in the male active wear industry. The company has been featured in numerous publications that are popular among those who love fitness such as Men’s Health and The Huffington Post.


Althlean-X is a company that specializes in fitness training, supplements, and strength training. The company has a variety of programs that customers can sign up for and purchase to help them achieve their strength-building goals. Their supplements include Athlean RX that delivers the right amount of nutrition to your muscles that they will need to get you through any type of workout. Additional supplements include Athlean Mechan-X and Dr. C’s OMEGA-3’s. Their training essentials include Athlean-X apparel in a variety of styles that will show off your love for the brand.

Fitness apparel can do so much more than simply provide you with something stylish and comfortable to wear while you are working out at home or the gym. It can help keep you cool and comfortable so that you may be able to push yourself even farther to reach your weight loss or strength training goals. Be sure to check out these top-rated fitness apparel brands when you are shopping for your new workout wardrobe.

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