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There are many sports enthusiasts out there, and with all the available gear to go with it, smart watches are a favorite device used by millions of people. There are many different brands of smart watches as well.

Two favorite smart watches that are immensely popular are the Fitbit Blaze and the Apple Watch.  We decided we would do an evaluation and analysis of both of these Brands and decide which was the best.

Below you will find reviews of both of these smart watches and a variety of other information for your consideration concerning both these brands and how they stack up to each other.

What Is The Fitbit Blaze And The Apple Watch?

The Fitbit Blaze and the Apple Watch are state-of-the-art competitors in the arena of smart watches designed for fitness purposes.  They are very different although they share some of the same features. 

Each of the watches is an excellent choice for many different people depending on the features that they need for their workout. Either way, you will find that the performance and quality of these smart watches are exceptional.

Fitbit has a number of smart watches available on the marketplace and Blaze model has many of the features that the rest of them do.  It does sport some other features not available with the rest of the line.

This is not a fully functioning smart watch however and there are many things you can't do with it.  It is designed for fitness use primarily and if you are using the smart watch for your workout routines it has a number of distinct advantages.

It is primarily a fitness watch that has smartwatch attributes and related features included.

The Fitbit Blaze has a number of outstanding features and performs excellently overall. There are also many features that you will find within the programming of this model.

In comparing the Fitbit Blaze to the Apple Watch Sport, we have selected nine common features to look at side by side. Some of the features included standard in the Fitbit Blaze include the following:

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Black, Silver, Small (5.5 - 6.7...
  • See simplified heart rate zones for quickly checking exercise intensity during workouts with PurePulse (continuous,...
  • Use multi sport tracking to track runs, cardio, cross training, biking and more; Effortlessly and automatically record...
  • Enable connected GPS to map your routes and see run stats like pace and duration on display (when your phone is nearby)


Comes in the colors plum, black and blue


This device is smart Bluetooth 4.0 enabled

Text Notifications:

You may receive text notifications using this device


 Battery life is up to 5 days continuously on one charge

Apple Pay:

There are no Apple pay features included

Display Type: 

 The display screen consists of a Gorilla Glass color touchscreen

Heart Rate Monitoring:

This device includes a heart rate sensor built-in

Water Resistance:

The smart watch is water-resistant

Device Compatibility: 

Compatible with over 200 Android iOS and Windows devices 

Apple Watch Sport contains all the features of a fully functioning smartwatch as well as some of the functions of a fitness or activity tracking device. It is ideal for workouts for many different sports enthusiasts along with all the functionality you have come to expect from an Apple smart watch.

Primarily this is a smart watch with activity or fitness tracking apps and features and can be used for multiple purposes.

The major features of interest that we are comparing the Fitbit Blaze and Apple Sports Watch include the following:


Available in black, pink, green, blue, and white colors


his device is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled

Text Notifications:

you may receive text notifications with this device


operates up to 18 hours on a single charge, suitable for all day use

Apple Pay:

he Apple Watch Sport is Apple Pay enabled

Display Type: 

comes with an Ion-X glass retina display

Heart Rate Monitoring:

comes with the heart rate sensor

Water Resistance:

 this device is resistant to water

Device Compatibility: 

compatible with iOS 8.2 or later and iPhone 5 or later

What Makes The Fitbit Blaze And Apple Watch Unique?

Specific features of the two models when compared with each other offer another view of what sets them apart. The Fitbit Blaze is a fitness tracker, and the Apple Watch Sport is a smart watch with fitness tracking capabilities, and these are reflected in the types of features available.

Let’s examine these smart watches and see what they have that makes them specifically unique in the following list of important features:

Fitbit Blaze

fitblaze watch side view resized
  • PurePulse feature allows checking of simplified heart rate zones for quick tracking of workout intensity
  • Heart rate monitoring is based on the wrist, so no chest strap is required
  • SmartTrack multi-sport tracking capability allows you to monitor between exercise activities or sport types
  • Use with your phone to track stats while using GPS feature
  • Track calories, distance, steps, number of floors climbed, and time your activities in minutes with the timer
  • Stay connected with your online presence such as Facebook, Gmail, and others as well as receive text notifications
  • Comes with complete instruction manual

Apple Watch Sport

apple watch sport side view resized
  • Apple watch OS to system
  • Integrates with Siri
  • Activity and heart rate monitoring capability
  • Widgets have changeable faces
  • Display text notifications
  • Haptic alert capability
  • Can be used with Wi-Fi
  • Sport band with stainless steel pin design
  • Anodized aluminum case included
  • Composite back Construction
  • Digital crown design
  • Comes with accelerator and gyroscope
  • Features ambient light sensor
  • Force-Touch retina display

Pricing Considerations For Both Models

When comparing the Fitbit Blaze and the Apple Watch Sport, there is a steep difference in pricing for both of these models. Although prices vary across the internet and there is no set static price, the average starting prices for the models are as follows:

Fitbit Blaze

usually will find the starting price for this model to be around $$ for in that range.


Apple Watch Sport:

direct from the manufacturer may vary from time to time but the current price is about


This makes the difference between the two models starting out the gate about $70 or so. However, for the price your paying anyway, this is not an exorbitant expense if you are looking for the quality of an Apple watch as well as the additional features.

No matter what you buy online there is going to be huge differences in prices from various outlets and sellers across the internet. All these all these prices that we have listed are a guideline to consider, though you should be aware that getting a deal or a bargain on discounted merchandise is always possible.

You could also get yourself a used version of a Fitbit Blaze or Apple Watch Sport as well and also save substantial money in the process.  eBay often sells merchandise at a lower price than other venues, and there is competition to offer you the same merchandise for less money there.

If you make an exhaustive search of all of the different possible places to get either of these two models online, you should be able to come across deals that are substantially lower than the starting prices that we have outlined.

Public Perception Of Fitbit And Apple

What the public and consumers think about both Fitbit and Apple as manufacturers is something else we considered.  Both of these name brands are generally known for high quality merchandise with a wide variety of features.

Fitbit and Apple both are well respected and well-loved brands by and large in the marketplace today.  There are some detractors to this however on both sides with some people heaping criticism on Apple for a variety of reasons.

Fitbit and Apple are huge companies with a worldwide following, and they both strive to create high-quality products better innovative and worth the investment.  While some people will definitely prefer one over the other, it is a matter of personal choice and bias in many cases, so we can't comment on these matters.

Between the supporters and the detractors, there are many more people who have a positive perception of both of these companies then there are people who dislike them.  Apple has had some issues to some of their practices in the last few years and the pricing of Apple is much higher than many other products.

A variety of factors has led to various opinions, yet the public overall continues to use these products produced by these manufacturers and many of them are overwhelmingly satisfied with their purchases and will pick buy from them again.

The fact that customers keep coming back to both of these companies says something about the perception that the public has for both Fitbit and Apple.

How They Compare To Each Other

After comparing the Fitbit Blaze and the Apple Watch Sport, we found that both of them are quality products that are worthwhile and perform well. 

The Fitbit Blaze is primarily to be used as a sports accessory and not as a smart watch generally.  It may have some of the same features such as receiving text notifications and syncing to Gmail and Facebook, but it lacks a lot of the power of the Apple Watch Sport.

If you really don't like charging your smart watch every day the Fitbit Blaze only needs to be charged once every 5 days which makes that a good advantage.  However, charging can be done overnight, and the Apple is suitable for a full day's use per charge.

The Fitbit Blaze seems to have more fitness tracking capability and has more features than the Apple Watch Sport when it comes to monitoring your exercise and sports activities. However, the Apple Watch Sport is suitable for most athletes and the needs and demands that they have.

Since both of these devices are actually choices for many people, what you really need to do is examine your own personal needs and find out which one is best for you before you go out and purchase one. 

For the average athlete with a need to track exercise activities independently and comprehensively, the Fitbit Blaze Sports has a lower price and has more features.  If you need all of the features of a smart watch with only some tracking exercise tracking capability, you may decide to go with an Apple Watch Sport instead.

Our Verdict: Which Is Better

It can't be really determined that one is completely better than the other as it all comes down to personal needs and style.  If you need a smartwatch more than activity tracker you should go with Apple. If it doesn't matter that much you could settle for a Fitbit.

When Considering A Choice Between Fitbit And Apple

If you are mulling the idea over carefully and you are thinking about choosing between a Fitbit and Apple, you will have a number of factors to consider before you make your choice and purchase your product.

The first thing to think about is your precise needs for the product. They are both excellent products, so you have to identify what you will be using it for and can and cannot do without. 

Make a list of the reasons you are getting this product and what you are going to be using it for.  Examine and evaluate both of these products line by line and feature by feature and examine what you will get out of both of them.

When you check off the reasons in your list, find out which of the products is going to fulfill your needs more than the other. You also have to examine how much you can afford to spend on this product and what you can get readily and what kind of deal you can get on it.

No matter where you shop online you're going to have to make sure that you have adequate guarantees and warranties on your purchase in place before you buy. Never buy from a seller that does not offer some kind of return policy for this type of merchandise.

You should also be aware of the level of service of the customer service department from the seller you are buying from.  Customer service can make all the difference in the world post-purchase on any merchandise you may buy.

Once you have all the information you need at your disposal and you know what you would like to buy more than the other, go ahead and make your purchase and enjoy your new Fitbit Blaze or Apple Watch Sport in comfort, secure that you've made the right choice.

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