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Prepare to work out like you never have before when you start your fitness routine with Nike + Kinect Training from Xbox. No matter what your fitness goals may be, whether you want to lose weight, train for an upcoming marathon, or just want to stay active, this innovative fitness game can help you reach your goals. There are workout programs that evolve as you go, so that your outcome will be unlike anyone else’s. Nike + Kinect Training is one of the best Xbox One fitness games currently available, so read on to find out if it may be useful to you.

Live Action Workouts Meet the Digital Age 

Nike + Kinect Training for Xbox One and Xbox 360 provides you with the best of both worlds when it comes to working out. You start the session with an introduction by real-life trainers, who are also there to walk you through various sequences throughout the game. These sequences are like those that you’d find on a fitness show or DVD and can help to add a realness to this virtual reality style game. It is a great way to help those who have never worked out using a video game system get used to the concept.

Once you get started with your training, you will work along with two digital trainers. The game provides you with the option to use a male or female trainer and the effects for these 3-D coaches are some of the best available in all Xbox One exercise games.

Getting Started with the Game  

To get started with the game, you will need to connect it to your Nike + account, if you don’t already have one, you can create it directly from the console Doing so will allow you to receive extras such as Nike Fuel points that can also be tracked on the website.

After that, you will go through an in-game fitness test. This test lasts around minutes so be prepared for it when you get started. There is no option to put in your physical abilities before you get started, regardless of your condition you will be thrown into this test that has some intense moments, which could cause some people to stop before they even get started. However, once it’s over the game will have a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses. No one said staying in shape was easy.

Game Play 

During the game, you will see a digital trainer on the left of the screen and yourself as the solid version of the right. You will go through an exercise for a set duration and then take a short rest before you get started on the next exercise. It is your job to follow along and do each move exactly as the trainer. They will let you know if anything is off such as your position and speed. Performing moves and mimicking the trainer precisely will fill up your meter and allow you to receive more fuel points.

Keep Track of Your Progress Using the App 

The Kinect Training Companion App that works along with this game allows you to keep up with your stats even outside of the game. It has a simple user interface with a main menu that links to a calendar that displays the user’s daily activity. It also has a leaderboard that compares your progress over time to your friends and a dedicated user feed where you can communicate with others.

The Downside of Nike + Kinect Fitness 

If you are used to playing other Xbox One exercise games such as Your Shape, you will have to take some time getting used to the tracking feature on this game. The Kinect system can often have a difficult time tracking the user’s movements on the floor, such as while you are performing push ups or crunches. This can make it difficult to stay on track with your trainer during game play. However, there is a new tool available from Xbox that can help the game track the player’s movements while they are closer to the ground, which can improve your overall Kinect experience.

The game also doesn’t have any stretches or warm up sessions that you can do before you get started with the workout, so that part of your fitness routine will be up to you.

The reviews for this game have provided Xbox with feedback on what they should do and what they shouldn’t do in the future when it comes to creating more fitness style games. Overall, this Nike + Kinect Training game is one of the best aside from a few minor flaws. If you own an Xbox Kinect system, and would love to find a fun fitness game to help you stay in shape when you can’t make it to the gym, be sure to give this innovative game from Nike a try.

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