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While you’re in the gym, you might be thinking about adding a little something to your workout. If you’re an expert at dips, you can add a dip belt to your outfit and put on the extra weight to emphasize your strength building and muscle increase.

We have put together a list of the best dip belts you can use while in the gym to maximize the potential for your weight training. If you’re looking for an excellent addition to your strength training regimen without making things too complicated, consider picking up one of the dip belts we have listed below.


Why Should I Consider Using A Dip Belt?

dip belt

Building strength in your upper body is a great way to find your limits in weight training. If you don’t have a belt on during dips and pullups, the only thing you’ll be doing is working with your own body weight. This is great for beginners, but if you’re looking for an added challenge, you’re going to need more to work with.

Enter the dip belt. You’ll attach this to your waist, and before you know it, you’ll be increasing the amount of weight you’re working with when doing dips and pullups. You’ll wear this a bit lower on your waist than a regular weightlifting belt. Typically, you’ll find a chain, which you can use to attach barbell weights. This allows them to hang at the hips, increasing the amount of weight you work with while dipping and pulling.

Your triceps will feel the brunt of the workout when using a dip belt. You might increase the number of reps you do or wear the belt while upping the total amount of weight you attach to yourself. If you’re just getting started with a dip belt, you’ll be amazed at the power increase you’ll feel when you start.

Why Should I Consider Using A Dip Belt?

The name “dip belt” implies that the accessory should just be used for dips. While this is still true, and dips will always be the focus for a dip belt, you can apply it to a bunch of different exercises. We’ll take a quick look at how you can use your dip belt before we dive into the discussions about price, availability, and other factors.

Tricep And Pec Dips

You’re in this to make your dips more challenging and take on more weight as you move through your workout. When you feel like you have perfected the ability to dip with your own weight, that’s when it is time to add a dip belt. This is the best way to get gains in the gym and increase your strength.

You’ll do a classic tricep dip with the belt tightened around your waist while the barbell weights hang around your knees. When you first start using a dip belt, the best way to start is adding 10 percent of your body weight to the belt. Once you get comfortable, you can add as you see fit.


Using a dip belt won’t only get you gains in your upper body. With squats and a dip belt, you can focus on your legs without taking some of the pressure out on your back in the process. The weights you put on the belt will be a bit smaller than what you normally see, enabling you to lower your legs more easily.

Standing with your feet at shoulder width, you then lower yourself as you would in a typical squat position. Raise your body again once you are fully squatted and repeat for the rest of the set. If you have squat shoes, put them on while you use the dip belt to help you squat.

Pull Ups And Chin Ups

You know these by now. Even with the weights attached to a dip belt, you’ll do pull ups and chin ups in the same position as you would normally. You’re working your back muscles, but with the addition of the dip belt, you’re able to put even more weight into the pulling exercise. If you can do this exercise with the addition of a dip belt, you’re already ahead of the competition. There’s a lot of people out there who struggle to do one normal chin up.

Once you have weights loaded on the belts, get yourself into a normal chin up setup position. You’ll have the weights hanging between your legs as they would be on the floor. Feel the burn in your back and triceps once you raise yourself up to the bar and lower yourself back down as you prepare to do it again.

A Quick Note On Safety

We can’t stress this enough: do not use a dip belt if you are not very experienced in the gym and know your limits. You’ll also want to remember the maximum possible weight allowed on each belt. This is not just for warranty reasons, as you’ll need to consider how much is on the dip belt before risking yourself any potential injury.

The first thing you should do is a warmup set before equipping the dip belt. This allows your body to adjust and prepare for the added weight that is going to be attached for the next few sets. Never forget where you started and keep a spotter nearby if you’re stacking on more weight than usual.

Choosing A Great Dip Belt For Your Workout

We searched all over the internet to find the best dip belt for you and your training regimen. While every workout is unique, we think the five on this list are perfect to fill exactly what you need. You can find each dip belt on Amazon or search your local gym equipment store to try them out yourself.

After we look at prices and qualifications for each dip belt, we’ll go over how to properly use a dip belt to help you get the most out of your next workout.

IronMind De Rigueur Dipping Belt
  • top-rated, top-performing belt for weighted dips and chins
  • sharp looking, comfortable, durable and adjustable—one size fits nearly everyone
  • features IronMind Wicked-Strong construction and handles half-ton (1,000 pounds) loads with ease

Do you want to increase your strength load as much as you possibly can? The IronMind dip belt might be the most powerful accessory we have ever worked with. No matter your size, this belt can accommodate your frame, as it can hold up to 1000 pounds. No small feat for such a small-looking belt. If you feel like dragging anything aside from weights, you can easily attach it to this belt.

With no trouble at all, the IronMind was able to hold the 200 pounds we clipped to it. We think you should also know how comfortable this belt was when it rubbed against the hips and the back. It isn’t incredibly heavy, which is fantastic for transporting this belt wherever you need to go.

If you’re looking for a belt that can accommodate some serious weight, the IronMind is your go-to dip belt. It will last you for an extremely long time, and the only thing playing against it is the size. You could easily lose track of this among an entire gym full of equipment, so keep it close by.

Harbinger 28900 Polypropylene Dip Belt with 30-Inch Steel Chain
  • Dip belt constructed of durable polypropylene with heavy duty steel grommets to secure chain to belt
  • Contoured belt design provides back support and fits comfortably during serious training
  • 30-inch steel chain and carabiner mechanism to easily add weight for chin-ups and dips

For those that are new to the idea of wearing a dip belt, we submit the Harbinger. It looks closer in design to a traditional weightlifting belt but that doesn’t stop it from being good enough for this list. You’ll notice the chain attaches to the weights just as it should, a design that has been utilized ever since dip belts became popular.

The polypropylene mentioned in the title helps to keep the belt stable and durable while adjusting to your form as you break it in. Using the clipping system, you’ll notice that it holds weight up to 150 pounds easily. Once you pile on any more than this, however, you may run into a few problems keeping things stable.

The Harbinger is an excellent entry dip belt for those who have never attached anything extra while doing dips. Don’t be surprised if you have to eventually replace this one but enjoy it if you are just starting out.

Champion Heavy Duty Leather Dip Belt
  • Heavy duty leather and chain
  • Develops upper body strength

Odds are that you have heard of Champion from the world of boxing. You might be a little overwhelmed by the number of choices in this list, but if you want a dip belt that can last through the years of abuse you’ll be subjecting it to, the Champion belt is up to the task. It will last you just as long as anything else on our list.

As an added bonus, the Champion dip belt is extremely comfortable. If it weren’t for the weight you attach to it, you wouldn’t even notice you were wearing it during a workout. The durability that comes with the leather is a testament to the design seen in the Champion belt. Anyone who needs a dip belt that they want to stick around for a while can feel safe purchasing the Champion heavy duty option.

miR - 20LBS Champion Adjustable Weighted Belt
  • Heavy Duty Belt Buckle.
  • For all sizes, and 5 inches in width.
  • Includes 20Lbs total, adjustable in 3lbs increments.

Are you a bit strapped for cash but still want to see gains in the gym? The MIR dip belt resembles the Harbinger but you’re going to notice a decline in comfort and durability. We wanted to include this one on the list just in case you are willing to sacrifice the ease of use with other belts to save a bit of money on a dip belt.

For the price you’ll pay for the MIR, you’re getting up to 500 pounds of support. That’s pretty impressive considering what others on this list are capable of pulling off. We don’t recommend this to anyone who can afford a higher-quality dip belt, but if you need to focus your finances elsewhere, the MIR is a great compromise.

Brute Belt - Nylon Dip Pullup Squat Belt (Camo, Medium)
  • Patent-pending technology. The most comfortable, durable, and versatile dip belt ever invented.
  • All military grade materials for superior strength and durability. Strap holds up to six 45-lb plates (270 lbs) with...
  • Tightens around waist with built-in padding and non-slip grip for extra comfort and lower back support.

We’re not going to pretend that we didn’t save the best for last. The Brute dip belt is, quite simply, the best dip belt you’re going to find on the market. A special technology designed by Brute helps you feel incredibly comfortable while using this dip belt, accommodating weight while keeping you fully supported.

All of the material that goes into the Brute model is qualified for military use. We loaded it with 270 pounds of weight and it barely broke a sweat. To go with the military-grade material, you can get this in camo colors. If you don’t like the idea of wearing animal products, this belt won’t violate any of your personal code.

You’ll feel as light as a feather while wearing this dip belt, at least until you load it up with weight.  You won’t even notice the belt while it’s equipped, thanks to the comfort throughout your back and hips. In fact, it’s so comfortable that you’ll be focused on the exercise itself, not the fact that you’re wearing a dip belt.

There is a total of 8 loops on this belt, making it useful for more than just attaching weight. Unsurprisingly, the Brute gets our highest recommendation.

Conclusion: Which Dip Belt Is The Best?


This shouldn’t come as a shock, but we’re going with the Brute as the best of the bunch. We were blown away by how comfortable it felt once it was on, and we had to check a few times to make sure it hadn’t fallen. It’s durable enough to last for years, and the price won’t set you back too significantly.

When you purchase a dip belt, make sure that you look for one that is going to be up to the task of holding weight. It’s easy to forget just how heavy you’re going to make the belt while you’re wearing it. You need a dip belt that’s going to be able to put up with you and what you put it through. You’ll get all of this and more with the Brute dip belt.

Remember to check around your spot in the gym to keep everything safe, and we hope you enjoy your new addition to your workout regimen!

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