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These days everything is smart. Your car, your phone, your wristwatch, and even your refrigerator have all been adapted to make your life easier and better. Smart devices are changing the way people live, and they are helping to make people healthier.

Smart devices that work together can help to make this possible. Fitness trackers and fitness apps can give you lots of feedback on your habits, but when you pair them with a smart scale you can really get results. You might not think too much about your old bathroom scale, and you might not even realize that it too could use a smart upgrade. However, that’s probably because you don’t know what scales these days are capable of. It turns out, they can do some pretty amazing things.

Find the Right Smart Scale to Better Understand Your Health

If you’re like most people you trot your bathroom scale out whenever you need to make sure your luggage isn’t above the airline’s weight limit, but smart scales can do much more.  Your health is a lot more than just your weight, and smart scales can give you a broader picture. Take a look at three of the best smart scales currently on the market, and start changing the way you monitor your weight and health today.

The Eufy BodySense Smart Scale

This scale not only looks futuristic, but it also has the ability to tell you more information about your body than you likely get at the doctor. It pairs to your devices using Bluetooth technology, and it stores the information of up to sixteen users. When you step on the scale it simply displays your weight, but when you open the EufyLife app you get a total profile. The scale measures your BMI, and your percentage of body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and water.

The scale not only gives you your stats, but it also helps you interpret those numbers to better understand your health. Buttons located next to your results in the app indicate whether your numbers are high, low, or normal.  Not sure what a target muscle mass should be? The app can help.

With this scale, you get so much more than just your weight, and the price easily makes it the best smart scale 2018. It proves that upgrading to a smart device is something anyone can do, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to do it.

The FitBit Aria 2 Wifi Smart Scale

This FitBit scale pairs with your FitBit tracker using built-in Wi-Fi, and it can pair with your mobile device using Bluetooth. It has a capacity for eight users, and its metrics provide a complete health picture. It features a sleek glass surface, and it appears to be a simple digital scale, but its minimal design is hiding lots of bonus features.

By using your FitBit app, you can create meal plans, set weight goals, and see how your exercise directly affects your body’s measurements. That kind of smart synergy between your fitness tracker and your scale can help improve your health by keeping you motivated. You no longer have to wonder if your ten thousand steps a day are actually making you healthier.

Sometimes the results of your hard work are not visible on the outside of your body, but tracking your vitals can help you see that every minute at the gym is worth it. Through charts and graphs you can see the progress for yourself, and you can adjust your fitness plan when you reach a plateau.

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale

This Bluetooth capable scale works much the same way as the previously mentioned scales, but it has a more informative display screen. The buttons in its interface allow you to toggle between your weight and the five other key body metrics of BMI, muscle mass, body fat, water weight, and bone mass. You don’t have to open an app to get your information. It’s displayed right in front of you.

You can still sync it with your various fitness apps, and it’s compatible with your Apple or Android smart phone, your tablet, and even an Ipod touch. You just download the free Weight Gurus app, and you can start tracking your progress instantly.

The scale also has auto-on technology and auto-user detection, so that monitoring your numbers is as simple as hopping on the scale. No logging in, and no waiting.

Smart Scales Reveal More to Health than Weight

All three of these smart scales will put your old scale to shame, and they’ll have you wondering why you ever waited so long to hop on the scale. They reinforce that your health cannot be reduced to a single number.

If you only measure your weight you are missing out on the bigger picture of your health. Smart scales can help keep you informed between visits to the doctor, and they can make hopping on the scale almost fun.

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