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7 Best Smartwatches For Women

It used to be that watches served one function and one function only: to tell the time.

This, in and of itself, was an incredible feat, to be able to tell the time simply by a quick glance to the wrist.

Since the first watches were created, however, their capabilities have increased in ways no one would ever have predicted.

Watches first became more complicated and advanced with the introduction of digital watches and all their features, such as timing and alarms.

Now, these features are all-too rudimentary compared with the recent takeover of smartwatches.

The Advent Of Smart Watches


Smartwatches are amazing devices, so much technology available right on your wrist. There are many different functions and purposes that modern smartwatches fulfill. Some are more fitness based, tracking your heart rate, daily steps, and more for you to use to track and improve your physical health.

Even more recently, though, smartwatches have become more akin to smartphones, some of them even capable of syncing to your phone.

With these watches, you can check messages, type quick responses, and more. These watches are great if you’re at work and don’t have the freedom to check your phone often but want to be aware of any important incoming messages.

Some smartwatches can even support certain apps, such as the Apple series smartwatches.

Because of their wide range of abilities and convenience, though, smartwatches can end up being pretty pricey. Which smartwatches are worth your hard-earned cash, then, and which are you better off just passing by?

Below, we’ll provide a list of the top seven candidates for our best smartwatch for women.

These watches not only have a high degree of functionality but are fashionable, too, so they’re the perfect compliment to whatever you’re wearing. Your new smartwatch can quickly become your go-to accessory, so it’s important that it lives up to your expectations in every capacity.

 How We Chose Our Ratings


We have chosen these watches and determined their ratings through careful research and consideration, comparing them against other popular products on the market. In selecting the watches, we looked for the perfect combinations of functionality and style.

We’ve provided watches of varying capabilities so there’s no need to look any further, no matter what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for the full-package watch synced to your phone or something to complement your active lifestyle, we’ve covered it all.

In addition to functionality, capability, and design, we’ve carefully taken customer reviews and support into all our reviews to reach an even and accurate view of each product. It is our goal to provide you with as honest and unbiased information as possible, so that when it comes to purchase time you can make a confident decision and select the perfect watch for you.

Top 7 Best Smartwatches For Women

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 - GPS - Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport...
  • Gold Aluminum Chassis with Ion-X Glass, Pink Sand Sport Band, 8GB of Storage
  • 1.3 Inch (340 x 272) Display, Changeable Faces with Widgets
  • Displays Notifications and Runs Apps, Accelerometer and gyroscope, Heart rate sensor

Key Features: The Apple Watch is perhaps the ultimate standard against which all other smartwatches are compared. The Apple Watch Series 3, in particular, is the best iteration currently available. This watch is adaptable to any iPhone generation 5 or newer, providing Bluetooth connectivity, supporting apps, and tracking fitness data.


Design: This smartwatch offers a 1.3’’ touchscreen display, small but still easy to operate. A small button and dial on the side increase its operability. The screen is attached in a flexible sports band for a comfortable fit. The watch comes in four different colors: pink, silver, grey, and black.


Battery Life: With normal usage, the battery can last for up to 18 hours.


Customer Response: Reviews of the Apple Watch Series 3 are overwhelmingly positive, and it is widely considered the best smartwatch for women. The watch is known to have the occasional hardware issue, but this is only in select cases. It also only supports Apple music, so if you prefer other services for your listening needs, you may want to look elsewhere.

Huawei Watch 2 Sport

Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch - Ceramic Bezel - Carbon Black Strap...
  • Built-in GPS and continuous heart rate: monitor your heart rate and track your workout routes without your phone
  • Scientific sleep tracking: HUAWEI TruSleep keeps track of light, deep and REM sleep stages to make your sleep truly...
  • Workout Coach: get real-time guidance and workout data such as recovery time and Vo2 Max. Bluetooth: 2.4 GHz Bluetooth...

Key Features: While the Apple Watch is perfect for iPhone users, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on the Huawei Watch2 Sport if you have an Android. This watch is ideal for tracking your workouts and even monitoring your sleep, collecting data on your heart rate, recovery, and REM cycles.

This smartwatch can connect to your Android for full capability, or another phone for limited capability. You can view messages, use certain apps, make payments via Android Pay, and receive notifications with its assistant mode. It also offers full wireless connectivity to Google Play music.


Design: This smartwatch consists of a circular touchscreen easily controllable through small buttons on the side and a flexible and sporty band. This watch is available in black and grey.


Battery Life: The battery can last up to three weeks in just watch mode, two days in smart power saving mode, and seven hours with continuously running GPS.


Customer Response: Customers, all in all, really like this watch for its great athletic capabilities in addition to smart phone connectivity. The main complaint seems to be about the battery life, which can be rather short when continually using GPS. A few also complain about the screen occasionally lagging.

Michael Kors Access Sofie Silvertone Touchscreen

Michael Kors Access, Women’s Smartwatch, Sofie Stainless Steel,...
  • Smartphone notifications & Touchscreen functionality; Activity & custom goal tracking; Customizable faces, bands, &...
  • Band & Case Material: Stainless Steel; Case Color: Silver with Clear Stones on Watch Bezel; Band Color: Silver with...
  • Battery Life: Estimated 24 hours based on usage

Key Features: Like other watches we’ve already detailed, this smartwatch can be synced to your phone and offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity. You can check messages and also monitor your physical activity. It also has Google Assistant built in, so you can easily operate it with just your voice. This watch is compatible with Androids and iPhones.


Design: This smartwatch by Michael Kors is certainly one of the more fashionable items on this list. The style of this watch is more classic in nature, using a linked metal band with a circular face. This face is touchscreen but still provides the beauty of a classic watch, inlaid with a shimmering design. Bands are available in gold, silver, and rose gold with a variety of sparkling face colors.


Battery Life: Depending on usage, this watch can last for approximately 24 hours.


Customer Response: Users love this watch not only for its high degree of functionality but also for its “sexy” design. There are a few customers, however, who have had minor problems with parts breaking off too easily.

Kate Spade Leather Scallop Touchscreen

Kate Spade New York Scallop Touchscreen Smartwatch, Rose Gold-tone...
  • Smartphone notifications, Activity tracking, check the weather, set different time zones, make lists and reminders,...
  • Android users will find additional features such as: respond to text and emails, send smart replies to incoming calls &...
  • Band Material: Leather; Band Color: Vachetta; Case Size: 42 mm; Case Thickness: 9 mm; Water Resistance: IP67 ; 16mm x...

Key Features: In addition to smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, and activity tracker, this watch is also perfect for customizing it to your outfit. The Kate Spade app allows you to change the color and design of your watch face depending on your outfit, accessories, and occasion so that it’s perfect to wear during any occasion.


Design: In addition to an interchangeable screen design, this watch offers you the ability to swap out watch bands. Bands are made of leather and come in a variety of colors. The watch face is surrounded by a scalloped patter, making this stylish watch perhaps the best smartwatch for women.


Battery Life: The battery is estimated to last for approximately 24 hours.


Customer Response: This smartwatch is praised especially for its ability to combine classic femininity with modern technology. Customers do wish, however, that it has a built-in speaker like many other smartwatches, and some complain that it ceases to connect to their phones after some time.

Nokia Steel – Activity & Sleep Watch

Withings/Nokia Steel - Activity & Sleep Watch
  • 24/7 seamless tracking - Automatic walk, run, swim & 10+ activities recognized. Plus calories burned & distance
  • Sleep monitoring - Sleep cycle analysis plus silent vibrating alarm with Smart Wake-Up to wake you at the optimal point
  • Premium materials - Stainless steel, chrome hands, silicone sport strap

Key Features: This watch is perfect if all your main purposes are to use it to monitor activity rather than provide higher-tech phone syncing capabilities. This watch is highly accurate at tracking your activity, and can even differentiate between 10+ types of activity. It also tracks your sleep and is waterproof. You can see all the gathered information from an app on your phone.


Design: The watch face provides your standard time telling functions along with a separate dial to track your activity. It has a durable rubber watchband and is available in black, rose gold, and white.


Battery Life: Because this serves mostly as a fitness watch, its battery life is supreme, lasting over 8 months.


Customer Response: Users praise this watch for its accurate tracking combined with its stylish and durable design. There are some customers, however, who complain that the sleep function doesn’t work as well as they’d like.


ASUS ZenWatch 2

ASUS ZenWatch 2 Silver with Beige Leather Strap 37mm Smart Watch with...
  • Operating System: Android Wear (Does NOT support iPhone IOS) Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects your ZenWatch 2 against...
  • ASUS FaceDesigner enables you to Create the perfect watch face with style and functionality.
  • IP67 Water Resistance means your ZenWatch is shower safe and can be submerged up to 1-meter under-water.

Key Features: This smartwatch offers many of the standard features, including fitness tracking, notification display, and Bluetooth. It also allows you to respond to messages easily via voice command and offers Google Assistant. You can even remotely control your phone’s camera. The watch is designed to be intuitively controlled through flicks of the wrist for easy operation. This watch is compatible only with Android phones.


Design: This watch offers a flexible leather band and rectangular touchscreen. The screen face is available in 50 different styles, and you can even customize your own before ordering. The watch is also water-resistant, so there’s no need to worry about taking it off before hopping in the shower.


Battery Life: With minimal usage, the battery is capable with lasting roughly two days. With more steady usage, though, you can still expect the watch to last you throughout the day, partially because of its easy dimming options. This watch also charges very quickly.


Customer Response: Users are overall really happy with the ZenWatch 2, citing its intuitive wrist control and ability to download many apps. Its main complaint is that the screen is fairly large, so despite the customizable face, it may not be the most attractive or convenient addition to your wrist.

Fossil Q Women's Neely Stainless Steel And Leather Hybrid

Fossil Women Neely Stainless Steel and Leather Hybrid Smartwatch,...
  • Looks like a watch, acts like a smartwatch. Smartphone notifications, activity tracking, custom goal setting, sleep...
  • Charging not required, estimated 6 months battery life based on usage; a gentle buzz lets you know when you receive a...
  • Case size: 36mm; Band size: 16mm; imported; water resistant to 100ft (30m); rose gold-tone stainless steel case and...

Key Features: If you’re looking for a classy smartwatch with basic capabilities but nothing too complicated, then this is a great choice for you. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that this was just an ordinary watch. It alerts you to messages, however, as well as tracks activity and commute time. You can also assign functions to its buttons, such as snapping a picture or controlling music.


Design: As stated above, this looks almost exactly like any ordinary watch. It offers smaller circles within the face, however, that show activity, and the buttons on the side provide further connectivity and control over your phone.


Battery Life: Because this phone doesn’t offer a fully operational touchscreen, the battery of this watch will actually last for six months. This is great if you don’t think you’ll remember to charge your watch each night.


Customer Response: Customers love the classic design of this watch, and are all-around pleased with it if they were expecting and desiring the capabilities of a hybrid watch. If you want an operable touchscreen with all the bells and whistles, however, this may not be the choice for you.


So now that we’ve shown you our top picks of the best smartwatch for women, how should you go about choosing which is best for you?

The most important thing to first establish is what you’re looking for your watch to do.

Do you want it primarily to track your fitness activities, something that you can download apps onto, or something that does it all? And where does style fit into all this?

It may seem that there couldn’t possibly be a complete-package smartwatch that hasn’t sacrificed fashion in the process, but there are plenty of functional and attractive smartwatches out there!

In terms of overall functionality, the Apple and Huawei watches offer awesome specialized features for iPhones and Androids, respectively, while still maintaining a clean look.

Meanwhile, watches like those offered by Kate Spade and Michael Kors are absolutely dazzling and their function matches their looks.

Any of these smartwatches will be a great addition to your daily wardrobe, and they can greatly increase your productivity by providing the information you need when you need it.


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