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Since time immemorial, man has been looking for ways to prolong his stay on earth. Ways of keeping the grim reaper at bay. But most importantly modern man has been looking for ways to improve his quality of life – physically, mentally and emotionally. Finally, there is a solution.


What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is a broad term that refers to the myriad of ways you can optimize your body for performance, efficiency, and durability. This is done by changing the bio-chemistry and physiology of our bodies through science and lifestyle.

Whether you realize it or not, you have been biohacking all your life. Everyone does something to improve their quality of life and that’s what biohacking is all about.

The question is, are you doing it right?

Every biohack you incorporate into your lifestyle should have benefits that far outweigh the side effects, if any.

What’s in it for the Biohacker?

  • Emotional Stability. Anxiety and stress are just symptoms that your body’s biochemistry is out of sync. The common cause is lifestyle. A few simple adjustments will help restore it back.
  • Mental efficiency. From increasing intelligence to improving mental disorders, biohacking can help transform your mental state.
  • Improved health. No one likes to be sick. And most don’t like being on medication. Why not avoid all that by hacking your body to health?
  • Increased productivity. A biohacker is a more productive person. Why? Biohacking optimizes your energy levels.
  • Longevity. Yes. Biohacking can increase your lifespan significantly by simply implementing a better lifestyle.

The Bio-hackers Guide to Health, Happiness, and Long Life

Now that you understand and appreciate biohacking and its benefits, let’s get practical.  How do I biohack myself?

1. Biohacking your Mind

Your state of mind determines the state of your life.  Biohack your mind with these simple tips:

  • Use your imagination. Yes, daydreaming is good for you.
  • Get a hobby. A hobby is not just a past time, it’s a mental stimulant.
  • Exercise your mind. Quizzes, puzzles and other games that give your mind a workout are a good use of time (and money).
  • Take a nature walk. Walking in nature is a great way to relax your mind and stimulate it at the same time. Sounds like an oxymoron but it’s just a double-sided coin.

2. Biohacking your sleep.

Though taken-for-granted, sleep is one of the most important of your bodily functions. A loss of it can lead to poor mental, emotional, and body function. Here are a few sleep hacks:

  • Have a sleep routine. Sleep and wake up at the same time everyday.
  • Avoid big meals before sleeping.
  • Relax before going to bed. Whether it’s through meditation or a warm bubble bath, find a way to relax yourself each night before bed.
  • Daily exercise. A good workout helps gives your body ample reason to seek rest and relaxation.
  • Make your bed and room comfortable.

3. Biohacking your Diet.

You are what you eat as they say. Don’t just eat for the sake of filling your stomach. Your greatest goal for eating should be to strengthen your body, mind, and emotions. 3 simple tips are

  • Eat as natural as possible.
  • Eat at the same time.
  • Fast periodically. With many health benefits to its claim, 2 major benefits of fasting are that it helps reduce insulin levels and can increase growth hormone levels by 5x.

4. Biohacking your Emotions.

We are all emotional beings, no doubt about that. But others struggle with their emotions while others seem to live a life of bliss. Is there a way to take charge of your emotions and move to “Blissvile?” Here are a few hacks:

  • Positive Affirmations. You may look at positive affirmations with disdain but have you ever noticed that people are always using “negative affirmations?” Yes, every time you beat yourself up, that’s negative affirmations. Why not flip the coin and speak positively to yourself? It will do you a world of wonders.
  • Aromatherapy. Smells have a powerful impact on our emotions. Pleasant odors can improve your mood tremendously while unpleasant ones have a negative impact.
  • Eating happy foods. Foods rich in vitamin B12, zinc and magnesium are great antidepressants. Other happy foods include, among others, coffee and chocolate. Yes, the two most controversial foods on the planet are good for your emotions. Talking about eating, it’s not just what you eat but how you eat it. Eat with family and friends. Heck, you can even share your meal with a stranger. Eating with others is the best way to eat.

To Long Life and Happiness

There you have it. The secret to long life and happiness is out. It’s up to you to decide if the price is worth it or not. But we all know the truth, there is no price high enough for the benefits that a few simple biohacks will reward you with. Is biohacking for you?

You bet, it is.

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