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Fitbit is a company that was founded in 2007. They specialize in making fitness trackers that users wear on their wrist like a watch.

The Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker is one of its most popular models. This device can be purchased for $119.95.

What’s unique about the Fitbit Alta HR is that it features two bands that can be detached from the main module and swapped out for accessory bands which are sold separately.

In this article, we discuss how to use these separate Fitbit Alta HR bands in detail. First, we start off by offering a step-by-step guide for how to remove your current bands and install these accessory bands. Then, we offer some tips for how customers can maximize their use of these bands. Finally, we offer our thoughts on the future of Fitbit bands.

How To Detach Your Fitbit Alta HR Band

The first step in detaching your bands is to remove the fitness tracker from your wrist. This will make it easier to manipulate. Then, turn over your fitness tracker so that you are looking at the inside portion that usually touches your skin.

The next step is to locate the band latches. There should be a latch on each end where the band meets the center module. In order to release the latch, you will need to press down on a flat metal button that extends from the module. As you press the button, slowly slide the band up and away from the module.

Once you’ve done this on one side, repeat the same steps for the band that is still connected to the module.

It’s important to note that if the band feels resistant to being detached, then you shouldn’t force it. Instead, try gently wiggling the band back and forth, making sure not to be too aggressive. While the Fitbit Alta HR is a durable device due to the elastomer material and metal that composes it, excessive force could result in a damaged product.

Some users might have larger fingers, making the detachment of the band difficult. In this situation, we recommend seeking the help of someone with smaller fingers. This will not only expedite the process of changing bands but will prevent you from damaging your fitness tracker.

How To Install A New Fitbit Alta HR Band

When installing a new accessory band, the first step is to acquire the band that meets your desires.

There are four main collections that customers can choose from, namely the Classic collection, the Luxe collection, the Special Edition collection, and the Designer collection. More information about these bands can be found on this webpage.

Once you’ve isolated your Fitbit HR Alta module and acquired new accessory bands, the next step is to slide one band down over the metal latch on the module. The band should snap into place when it’s securely connected. Then, repeat this same step with the other band.

Finally, place your new Fitbit HR Alta on your wrist, fasten it, and enjoy.

Tips For Maximizing Your Fitbit Alta HR Band

While knowing how to detach old bands and install new ones is important, ultimately this skill is meaningless if you don’t know what bands to use and how to use them.

If your budget will allow you, we recommend purchasing as many of the Alta HR bands as possible. Each band would be ideal for a different situation, so the more you have, the better you can maximize your Fitbit experience.

How To Use The Classic Bands

Fitbit’s Classic bands are their most rugged and affordable, costing $29.95. These are available in a small, large, and XL size.

Fitbit Alta Classic Accessory Band, Black, Large

This Classic band is rain, sweat, and shower proof, but not swim proof. This is important to keep in mind, as submerging the band in water for an extended period of time could compromise its quality.

These classic bands are perfect for everyday usage. It’s also been designed specifically for heart rate tracking with Alta HR. Thus, we recommend making this Classic band your primary one if you’re interested in monitoring your heart rate over the course of the day. Other accessory bands are not designed to support the heart rate tracking feature on the Alta HR.

These classic bands are available in black, blue gray, fuchsia, and coral colors. Many customers like to purchase multiple colors because this offers them more flexibility when choosing a matching wardrobe.

How To Use The Luxe Bands

Fitbit’s Luxe collection is split into leather bands and metal bands. Within the leather bands, customers can choose from lavender, indigo, and brown leather. Within the metal bands, customers can choose from stainless steel or a 22k gold plated option.

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We think the leather bands would appeal to someone interested in a more vintage, classy look. These bands could be utilized throughout the day or preserved for special events like parties or reunions. They cost $59.95.

Since the leather bands are not sweat or water resistant, we recommend only wearing them in dry conditions. If moisture comes into contact with the leather, it could damage the leather and result in discoloration.  This means that you shouldn’t exercise when using this band with the Alta HR. Light walking is fine, but anything more intense than that will require that you swap out the leather band for a Classic one or the original band it came with.

The metal Luxe bands are super sleek and hand-polished. We think these Luxe bands would make a great gift, especially the 22k gold option.

How To Use The Special Edition Bands

The Special Edition bands from Fitbit are available in a black/gunmetal stainless-steel option as well as a 22k rose gold plated option.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Special Edition Gold, Black, Large (US...

These bands cost $149.95, which is $50 more than the metal Luxe bands. This is quite expensive, so unless you have a particular affinity for rose gold or gunmetal stainless steel, we recommend staying away from these bands.

For the price of one of these limited edition bands, users could purchase 5 classic bands, for example. We think 5 classic bands would be more empowering and worthwhile than only have only limited edition band.

How To Use The Designer Bands

The Designer collection includes a collaboration with the fashion label Tory Burch. These bands are made of stainless steel and resin and are available in a tortoise/ gold color or a navy/gold color.

Tory Burch Womens Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet

Furthermore, Fitbit’s Designer bands include a collaboration with the designer Public School.

If you’re interested in your fitness tracker as a chic fashion accessory, then we recommend buying these designer bands. Even though they’re not rugged, these bands would complement an outfit perfectly.

These bands would also be ideal for someone who wants to hide the fact they are wearing a fitness tracker, as these bands are so aesthetically stunning that most people won’t be able to tell they’re made by Fitbit. Truly, they seem like an accessory you would buy at an upscale jewelry shop.

Additionally, some customers purchase these Designer bands because they’re only available for a limited time. If you wait too long, it might be the case that these bands are no longer offered.

In the same vein, we recommend not being manipulated by this limited-time deal. Some customers can’t afford these Designer bands but still buy them due to their limited nature. Like the Special Edition bands, these Designer band represent a significant investment. Customers should heavily consider this investment before making it.

Our Final Thoughts On Fitbit Alta HR Bands 

We think Fitbit is one of the most popular makers of fitness trackers because they emphasize not only fitness but fashion.

This is important when making wearable technology, as the device is only effective when it’s being worn. The more attractive the device is, the more likely you are to wear it, which will allow it to record lots of information concerning your level of activity. This could lead to greater health and happiness down the road.

We think the best approach to managing all the Fitbit Alta HR bands available is to acquire many of them over time. This will make your Alta HR more dynamic, as you will have a different band for every possible situation. Thus, you can use a Classic band when you’re feeling active or a more fashionable band for social events.

We think that Fitbit will eventually allow customers to design their own bands. This would truly maximize the level of control that customers have over their fitness trackers.

Additionally, we think Fitbit will eventually figure out a way of making all their bands totally lifeproof. This entails not only being waterproof but being virtually indestructible.

We think it’s about time that wearable technology upgraded its durability. We can easily imagine a future in which users are able to swim at any depth they want without compromising the quality of their fitness tracker.

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