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Who knew that getting in shape could be this much fun?

Thanks to Fitbit badges, you can earn all kinds of titles to attach to your profile and share with your friends all over the world. These could be related to distance covered while walking, locations visited in your home town, or visiting new places all over the world.

Some badges are greater than others, and we’ve taken this opportunity to show you what our favorites are. With this list, you can get an idea of what you’ll earn as you progress through the Fitbit system.

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​What Can I Do to Unlock Fitbit Badges?

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​Fitbit badges are similar to achievements and trophies you can find in video games. If you accomplish a specific task while wearing your Fitbit, you’ll earn a badge to mark the occasion. You can see what time it happened on the given day you earned a badge and share it across your social media platforms.

Fitbit has created over 100 badges to keep you motivated and walking. It’s cool to keep track of your steps every day, but why not make it a challenge and see how many goals you can accomplish?

​What Kind of Fitbit Badges Can I Earn?

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​There are a total of nine different categories for Fitbit badges that you can earn while walking throughout your exercise area. We’ll take a close look at each of them and tell you about our favorite options in each category.

Daily Steps

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​This is one of the most common areas that you’ll see people tracking, and for good reason: daily walks are the goal behind any Fitbit. You’ll feel more and more comfortable with each passing day as you rack up the step count.

Fitbit daily step badges start out at Boat Shoes, which marks the first time you walked 5,000 steps in one day. This might be on the lowest end of the daily step list, but don’t sell yourself short for accomplishing what is still a lofty goal.

From here, badges will increase in increments by 5,000 steps. As your step count increases, so does the type of shoe quality in the badge you’ll earn. You’ll come across Cleats, Snow Boots, and Platform Shoes on your way to the highest possible single step achievement: Olympian Sandals.

Don’t stress over it, because it’s going to take you a very long time to warm up. You can earn all the other Fitbit badges and still not take 100,000 steps in one day, which is the requirement for Olympian Sandals.

Daily Floors

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​Walking in a straight line isn’t the only thing that Fitbit badges keep track of. As you climb stairs, your Fitbit carefully monitors the number of floors you have ascended. This not only gives you badges, but it encourages you to skip the awkward elevator rides at the office.

The Fitbit badges for floors start out slowly, giving you a badge called Happy Hill for conquering 10 floors in a day. They increase pretty quickly, and you’ll notice the size of each structure getting up there as well. You’ll unlock badges for Skyscraper, Rollercoaster, and Volcano throughout your journey to the top.

The final Fitbit badge for climbing floors in one day is called Rainbow, and with good reason. You’ll need to find somewhere for you to climb 700 floors in a single 24-hour period. You might need to find an actual stairway to heaven if you’re going to accomplish this badge but imagine the stories you’ll be able to tell.

Weight Goals

​Your movement is just one aspect of your fitness activity that gets rewarded with Fitbit badges. By setting weight loss goals, you can earn badges tracking how much you have shed over a given amount of time.

Unlike your movement, however, your Fitbit won’t be able to directly monitor your weight. You’re going to have to be honest with both your Fitbit device and yourself if you want to earn any of the badges we have covered in this section.

Your first in the Fitbit badges for weight loss will see you earning a badge for dropping 5 pounds. This is still an accomplishment despite the huge numbers for the other badges and you deserve recognition for it. You’ll earn other badges as you move up in 5-pound increments, all the way to a badge for dropping 200 pounds.

You can also earn one of the Fitbit badges for setting a weight loss goal for yourself. Everyone has to start somewhere, and this badge, called “Weight Goal Set,” is a reminder of why you started. Once you hit your target weight, you’ll unlock “Weight Goal Met.” As long as you are consistent with tracking your weight and your habits, you’ll have a wall of Fitbit badges related to weight loss before you know it.

Lifetime Steps

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​Fitbit badges don’t just track the number of steps you have taken in one day. For as long as you have a Fitbit account and stay connected through the app, you’ll have access to your personal step history. This lets you earn Fitbit badges for the number of steps you have taken throughout your life.

You’ll start out by earning the Marathon badge, which captures the moment you passed 26 miles since joining the Fitbit community. The goals become pretty hefty after this, and you’ll enjoy all of the references in the names of the badges as you continue achieving milestones. Badge names like Italy, New Zealand, and Great Barrier Reef not only make your profile stand out, but they might give you vacation spot ideas.

The holy grail of lifetime step Fitbit badges is known as Pole to Pole. To earn this, you’ll need to walk 12,430 miles total. If you’re considering this, you might want to invest in some high-quality walking shoes, along with a lifetime supply of water.

​Lifetime Floors

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​Are you a fan of climbing floors on more than just one day? Fitbit badges have you covered, and there’s more than enough for you to earn.

You’ll start with the Helicopter badge, which you get after ascending a total of 500 floors over time. From here, the tasks get pretty substantial. Badge titles such as Spaceship, Cloud, and Shooting Star remind you just how much you have ascended since first investing in a Fitbit.

The final badge you can earn for climbing floors is no easy task. Known as the Satellite, you’ll unlock this title once you have found time to climb 35,000 floors. Go find the nearest skyscraper and get to climbing – this one is going to take some time.

​What Are Some Other Cool Fitbit Badges?

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​Along with the lifetime and daily Fitbit badges, you can also find temporary badges tied in to special events. In 2017, Fitbit created a set of badges related to the New York City Marathon. There weren’t many, but they were very doable and escalated in challenge as you progressed.

Simple titles such as “NYC 3.1 Miles” and “NYC 10 Miles” noted where you were as you crossed the 5K finish line or got through the final 10 miles of the actual marathon.

You can also earn badges related to specific time windows. There’s the Weekend Warrior badge, which highlights someone who took the extra effort and didn’t slack off during Saturday and Sunday. The Daily Showdown badge is awarded for competitors who score the most steps in a given 24-hour period.

​When Is the Best Time to Start Earning Fitbit Badges?

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​answer to that is the same as the answer to “When should I start walking?” or “When should I begin a workout program?”

Whenever you are ready and motivated!

The great thing about Fitbit badges is that they aren’t going anywhere. Aside from the limited engagements such as the New York City marathon, you will always have the opportunity to earn Fitbit badges no matter where you go. Even if you only slightly divert from your typical routine, you can add enough steps to your daily ritual to progress toward lifetime Fitbit badges.

​Where Should I Go to Earn Fitbit Badges?

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​The most important thing to remember when earning Fitbit badges is to not stray too far from a comfort zone. You can do multiple laps around an area you are familiar with to progress your daily goals and earn badges.

If you have a specific route that you take for walking every day, you can mix it up. Try going in reverse when you get back to the starting point, giving yourself some new scenery. If you have an errand to run, see if it’s close enough that you might be able to walk there. Even something as simple as parking far away from the entrance to the grocery store will help you earn more steps.

Once you start unlocking Fitbit badges, you’ll probably feel compelled to earn as many as possible. As long as you are safe and realistic about your goals, you’ll have no trouble earning an entire wall of shiny trophies to show your friends and family.

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