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If you’re the proud new owner of a Fitbit Blaze, that means you’re not only concerned with tracking your fitness activity, but you want to look stylish while doing so. Did you know there are a bunch of different Fitbit Blaze bands available to change up how the device looks on your wrist?

Rather than just stick with what comes out of the box, you can choose from many different colors, styles, and materials that all serve different purposes when you take your Fitbit Blaze out with you. We’ll get into some of the best options below.


What’s The Point Of Fitbit Blaze Bands?

You might look at the number of different Fitbit Blaze bands available and thing that they’re no different than a colored phone case. What’s the point of swapping out your band? Don’t they all exist just to keep your Fitbit Blaze in its place and on your wrist?

The truth is that these bands all have practical uses. Beyond the cosmetic changes, you might find that certain bands are better suited when you’re in the middle of a workout, a business meeting, or finally sitting down to dinner.

Looking At Options For Fitbit Blaze Bands

Looking at Options for Fitbit Blaze Bands

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What kind of Fitbit Blaze bands are out there for you to choose from? Let’s take a closer look at what you can attach to your Fitbit Blaze.

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The Fitbit Blaze is not an Apple Watch, but this band might trick others into thinking it is. The Umtele sports band is designed to mimic the look of the Apple product, and depending on the color choice, you might just pull it off.

You can choose a couple different colors to change with the seasons. If you think you need a change of pace, the Umtele version of Fitbit Blaze bands are very affordable. You can stock up on a couple different choices to keep your wrist looking stylish no matter what time of year it is.


Let’s be real – the Fitbit Blaze bands that come right out of the box really aren’t thin enough to be considered comfortable. Before long, you’ll feel like the band is interfering with your daily activity, and the alerts aren’t needed to remind you that you are wearing a Fitbit.

That’s why we like the Teak for a band. It’s made of silicone and doesn’t feel like a cheap add-on. Fortunately for you, it does run cheap, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Not bad for a low-cost accessory that replaces the original manufacturer’s part.

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Here’s an option for Fitbit Blaze bands that includes even more than what you were looking for. The LeeFOX silicone band, first of all, looks and feels better than what you get with the Blaze right out of the box. There’s so many colors that you might not even be able to pick just one, which is all the more reason to choose a couple at once.

Now, here’s the cool part: LeeFOX makes stainless steel frames to go with your Fitbit Blaze. Along with the silicone band, you’re getting a slick new frame that shows off the display panel. You’ll feel like an executive every time you have an incoming call or a reminder about the next round of steps you need to take.


If you’re the type who likes to draw attention to whatever accessories you’re wearing, you might be interested in bayite’s designs. There are a couple different patterns for the Fitbit Blaze bands available from bayite, but they are all guaranteed to start a conversation with someone.

The material feels soft against your wrist, which is surprising considering how striking the visual patterns are. Like the LeeFOX, you’ll get a nice frame to accompany the band, ensuring that you have some protection against any unwanted fallout.


Dizywiee for Fitbit Blaze Leather Bands with Metal Frame, Classic...
  • Genuine calfskin black leather replacements bands with silver stainless steel frame for Fitbit blaze. No harmful...
  • Easy to install, rugged and protective. Durable stainless steel frame awesome fits for Fitbit blaze strap, prevents the...
  • Panerai style buckle perfect fits wristband, durable and easy to resize, excellent and fashionable design for the Fitbit...

Are you a classy person who knows about the finer things in life? Do you just want to look like you know what you’re talking about? The Dizywiee should go with you when you’re on an important dinner meeting or date. This will most definitely trick someone into thinking you’ve blown an incredible amount of money on a watch.

This selection in our picks for Fitbit Blaze bands is manufactured from 100% leather. It feels great on your wrist, and it won’t look out of place at a cocktail party either. Hang on to this band when you need to look like a Fitbit is just as important as a handbag, dress, or shoes. The Dizywiee will make you the talk of the party, or at least let you blend in with the rest of the important ones.

Umtele Rugged Pro

We’re back on Umtele, but there’s a reason this one has “pro” in its name. Of all the Fitbit Blaze bands we have mentioned, this one gets the biggest marks for surviving nature. If you’re planning on making a whole day out of hiking through trails or scaling mountains, the Umtele Rugged Pro should be your choice.

As if it doesn’t look good enough, the Rugged Pro is engineered with extra built-in protection for the Fitbit Blaze. You’ll look like a rugged outdoors expert, and in the process, you will have an extra layer of protection for your Blaze. We won’t tell anyone that it only costs as little as it does.

SimeonDJewelry Stainless Steel Mesh

Looking for something a little more durable than leather, or an upgrade from the silicone we’ve mentioned a few times? SimeonDJewelry offers this stainless-steel mesh band, which is probably the most comfortable of the Fitbit Blaze bands we have referenced in this list.

Each of these bands is made to order, ensuring that your band has been manufactured to fit your wrist. You’ll also get a skull charm with each order, giving this band a little extra character not found on other items. There’s no frame included, but you’ll be too busy admiring the comfort of the steel mesh to be concerned about an extra layer of protection.

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In another entry for the “Best Apple Watch Impersonator” category for Fitbit Blaze bands, we present the Nicwea nylon band. These don’t look anything like your typical nylon wrist band, which would explain why this looks so strikingly similar to the Apple line of products.

If you need to pass your Fitbit off as a genuine Apple product, this will get the job done. In fact, Nicwea even includes the oval clasp associated with the Apple Watch, making this an accurate imposter of the highest level.

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For the classy person in your life (and maybe that’s you), our final entry on the list of Fitbit Blaze bands also comes from SimeonDJewelry. The brown leather seen in this band looks like it was handcrafted for your own wrist, and you’re not far from the truth. The same quality crafting you saw in the stainless-steel mesh is included in this leather band made to resemble alligator skin.

One word of warning – don’t wear this one during a workout. That might seem like common sense, but it’s not waterproof, so the sweat from your exercise will eventually degrade the band. While we’re on the subject, don’t drop it in water, either.

How Should I Choose The Right Fitbit Blaze Bands?

When picking out one or more Fitbit Blaze bands, you’ll want to consider how often you wear your Fitbit. There are some who never take it off, ensuring that Fitbit is able to track their fitness and health everywhere they go, sleep included. Others might only put it on when they know they are going to be active, whether that’s walking around town or a specific exercise period.

As you can see on the list above, there is a band for every occasion. If you only plan to use your Fitbit Blaze while you’re actively exercising, you should stick with one that is designed for it. There’s no point in wearing a cute accessory or one designed for business meetings while you’re in the gym. Fitbit Blaze bands aren’t too costly, with the exception of the SimeonDJewelry entries, so you can stock up on plenty for different occasions.

If you do plan to wear your Fitbit out to everywhere you go, make sure you keep your frames matched up with their respective bands. You don’t want to get one of the casual bands from a concert mixed up with the one you plan to wear to a wine tasting.

One Last Word About Fitbit Blaze Bands

The important thing to remember about Fitbit Blaze bands is that they are just bands. The core Fitbit Blaze is what really matters, and you should be sure to take care of it as much as possible. The band keeps it secure to your wrist, but the reason you purchased a Fitbit probably wasn’t to admire what kind of accessories could go with it.

Fortunately, some of the bands you see here will keep your Fitbit Blaze secure and protected from the hazards of the outside world.

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