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If your workout is set to a carefully crafted, killer playlist, then you’ve probably had your share of troubles with workout headphones. They’re always getting tangled, falling out, or simply getting worn out from your vigorous routine.

Three Ways the Jabra Sport Pulse Earbuds Are Made For Your Workout

You need headphones that simplify your fitness plan, not complicate it. Your music is what puts you in the zone to burn calories, accomplish goals, and tackle marathons. Your headphones have been taking you out of that zone, but not anymore. The Jabra Sport earbuds will revolutionize the way you enjoy your music, and your exercise. Here are three reasons to trade in your old earbuds and get back to conquering the world.

1. They’re Wireless

You know that the future is wireless, but somehow you’re still holding onto your old wired gym headphones. They might be your tried and true workout buddy, but they’re holding you back. They get tangled in the bottom of your gym bag, and they get caught on the weightlifting equipment. Your earbuds get yanked out every time you pump your arms too hard running, and that’s definitely sent your phone sailing off the end of the treadmill a time or two.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless headphones can change all that. They make it easy to toss your headphones into your gym bag, and not waste anytime. You can run hard and never pull out a cord. You can jump from machine to machine and not worry about getting stuck. They free you up to move, and nothing is more vital to a workout than proper movement.

They also have superior sound quality that you might expect from other larger, over-the-ear models of wireless headphones. They may be buds, but they have passive noise cancelling foam and enhanced bass sound. That means your workout won’t get interrupted by the people who come to the gym to socialize. That means that there won’t be any distractions between you and your fitness goals.

2. They’re Made to Work

These earbuds are made to work for those who workout and work it out. The flimsy earbuds that came with your new phone are fine for sitting at your computer, or riding the train, but they aren’t made for feats of physical strength.

For one thing, they can never seem to stay in your ears. Nothing is worse during a run than dealing with earbuds that keep popping out of place. It breaks your concentration, it trips you up, and it keeps you from developing a rhythm.

A quick read of any Jabra Sport Pulse review will illustrate how much thought went into the fit of the earbud. The earbuds are adjustable, and you can customize them to comfortably fit in your ear, and stay in your ear. Forget about earbuds that can’t even survive a 5K on the treadmill. With these babies, you can actually flip upside down, and they won’t budge. If you’re still more comfortable with an over-the-ear earbud, you can check out the Jabra Sport Pace review found here.

Other earbuds also are simply not as durable. If you’re a serious athlete, or at least serious about your workout, then you’ve probably gone through dozens of earbuds. You bought expensive ones, and they didn’t last. You bought other expensive ones, and the left earbud stopped working in less than a year. Then you tried cheap pairs, but they were predictably cheap.

Jabra Sport headphones are designed to withstand tough conditions. They’re made for people who run outside in the wind and the rain. They’re made for people who sweat. They’re made to be as tough as the people who wear them. People like you.

3. They’re Smart

You probably didn’t think that your headphones could help analyze your workout, but these ones actually can. They have an inner ear heart rate monitor that uses the pulse in ear to determine your rate rather than one on your wrist. This technology makes even the smallest fitness tracker seem clunky. The earbuds can also coach you through your workout. It’s like having your very own trainer right there in your ear, pushing you to do your best.

By connecting to the app on your phone, or tablet, you can also see your workout stats, and learn how to make improvements. The earbuds track and analyze what is called your VO2 Max levels, which is the maximum rate of oxygen you consume during a workout. By analyzing and improving these levels you can improve your endurance, and you can shave time off your runs.

Start Training Smarter with Your Jabra Earbuds 

The Jabra sport Pulse earbuds will help you train like never before. Their wireless technology makes them easy to use, and their fit and durability make sure that they can last as long as you can.

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