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If you are in the market for a new pair of CrossFit shoes, then you should consider the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8. These shoes are designed to help you perform at your optimal ability while you train your way to success. Whether you are working hard to train for an upcoming marathon, or simply want to stay in shape, these CrossFit trainers will be the perfect addition to your fitness gear.

Reebok is a name that is synonymous with athletics and has been a leader in the sports gear industry for decades. Their latest CrossFit Nano 8 Shoes are some of the very best that the company has ever produced. To find out if they are the right shoes to fit your own training needs, be sure to check out this helpful Reebok CrossFit Nano Review.


The Reebok CrossFit Nano 7 was met with mediocre reviews from athletes. While the show may have had a few good advantages here and there, overall it was not the shining moment for the shoe brand. Out of all Reebok CrossFit shoes, the Nano 7.0 turned out to be the least favorite among many of the company’s faithful followers.

The Nano 6.0 was a fan favorite, and many expected the 7.0 to be even better, or at least a similar type of shoe. Unfortunately, it only brought along disappointment. The good news is that the company could only go up with the release of the Nano 8. And it seems that is exactly what’s happening with the release of this not-so highly anticipated CrossFit shoe. The Nano 8 Shoes are a throwback to the popular Nano 6.0 in more ways than one.

The Build Quality and Construction 

As far as the overall appearance of the shoe goes, Reebok fans seem to be on the fence. Some love it while others hate it. Many will agree that it does have a better look than the previous version. Consumers have the option of choosing between a white or black shoe with or without color accents that appear along the sole of the shoe. Some say that they’d like to see more color with these shoes while there are others who like the simplicity of the look.

The Nano 8 features he Flexweave design that was originally featured in the Nano 7 Weave, however it does vary from the older model. With this design, the thicker weave goes from heel to toe instead of from side to side. It makes the weave feel as if it is flexing along with your foot and not fighting against it, providing the wearer with more freedom and movement. There is also plenty of cushioning where you need it most, such as around the ankle collar. These upgrades to the construction of the shoe make the Nano 8 the most flexible and comfortable from the brand currently.

How Do They Fit?

The Nano 8 has a good fit that is snug but not too tight. They don’t cause your toes to feel as if they are constricted and won’t leave your feet in pain after a long day of training. The base of these shoes are the same dimensions as their predecessor, while the average width of these are close to the Nano 3. They could be called some of the best fitting shoes that Reebok has on the market today. They also appear to run true to the size, so you don’t have to worry about going up or down a size to get a snug fit.


The Nano 8 CrossFit has the same dual density midsole that the Nano 7’s had, which was one of the few advantages that the Nano 7 had going for it. The FlexWeave on the upper moves along with the wearer’s feet without hindering their movement so that they can run and move as much as needed. It makes training in these shoes an extremely comfortable experience and makes these shoes some of the very best available for running.

The cushioning and comfort in these shoes make them ideal for plyometric movement. Jumping is cushioned yet also responsive. And it is unlikely that the wearer will end up with sore feet after doing box jumps. Many say that the Nano 8’s could be Reebok’s most flexible CrossFit shoe yet.

One of the biggest challenges that Reebok may face with the Nano 8 is getting their customers to try it after they have tried out the Nano 7. If they were unhappy with the older shoe, it could be difficult to persuade them to give the brand’s Nano line another try. However, if they take the time to read up on reviews, more consumers in the market for a cross training shoe will learn that the Nano 8 is more like the brand’s older versions and stands up to the quality of Reebok’s long-standing legacy in the athletic gear industry.

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