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If you are a weightlifting looking for a new weight lifting belt, you have come to the right place.

We are going to be looking at our ten favorite weight lifting belt options in 2019.

This is a market that has tons of brands and products, so it can be difficult to know where to go to find the perfect choice for you.

We will be showing you the best of the best when it comes to weight lifting belts.

First, let’s start with how we are going to be choosing our ratings.

How We Choose Our Ratings

It is vitally important to us that we are ensuring our reviews are honest and accurate. To do this, we take a few additional steps in our research to make sure it is thorough and correct.

We make sure to read and research online customer reviews and testimonials. This allows us to get a broader view of what the general public thinks of the product in question. It also gives us insights into any widespread issues or complaints that might not show up anywhere else. We are also able to gather quite a few pros and cons from other customer reviews as well.

weight lifting belt

We make sure to thoroughly research the product specifications. By doing this, we are ensuring that if any of our readers buy the product we are reviewing, they know exactly what they are getting. There won’t be any surprises and/or confusion when receiving the item in the mail. This allows us to identify any potential drawbacks that the product may have as well.

Lastly, we make sure to research the company that makes the items thoroughly. It is important to most customers that they are purchasing products from businesses that they can trust and stand behind. This also gives us insights into a company’s customer service policies, as well as their warranty and return policies.

For this list of our favorite weight lifting belts, we will be considering the overall quality of the product, pricing, durability, and performance.

Our Favorite Weight Lifting Belts

Here are our ten favorite weight lifting belt options:

iiSPORT Black Weightlifting Belt for Men and Women, Workout...
  • ERGONOMICAL DESIGN: WITH FLEXIBLE SUPPORT STRAP, iiSPORT Weight Lifting Belt Provide Firm & Comfortable Lumbar Support...
  • WITH TECHGEL STRAP BACK SUPPORT BELT, quick release strap is easy to reach and grip to tighten and loosen your back...
  • CONSTRUCTED WITH POLYESTER FIBER MATERIAL / AN ULTRA-LIGHT FOAM CORE,this weightlifiting belt provides the ability to...

Our first choice is the iiSport Weightlifting Belt, which has an incredible ergonomic design and flame laminated fabric to keep you comfortable and dynamic.

This belt is perfect for squats, powerlifting, and CrossFit.

We love that it has tech gel Velcro back support, which allows the belt to stay stiff and secure, but it’s also easy to manipulate and adjust to the perfect amount of comfort.

The outside of the belt is constructed with polyester fiber, and is coupled with an ultra-light gel and foam core as well as a durable Velcro strap that can be easily adjusted.

Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt, Olympic Lifting, for Men and Women,...
  • SLIDE STOP BUCKLE WITH PRECISE ADJUSTABILITY: Unlike a leather belt with a predetermined set of holes, the hook and loop...
  • DESIGNED FOR OPTIMAL COMFORT AND FUNCTION: With its lightweight contoured design, our weightlifting belt helps prevent...
  • OUR BELTS SUPPORT MORE THAN YOUR BACK: We lift others up. Many of our belts are designed to show support for servicemen...

If you are looking for an incredibly versatile weightlifting belt, the Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt may be an ideal choice for you.

This belt is perfect for everything between powerlifting moves to Olympic lifting. It offers a contoured design, meaning it is wide in the back and more narrow on the sides. This allows the belt to optimize comfort and support, and also features double support in your lumbar region.

The belt also has a Velcro support straps that allows you to adjust it to any tightness you would like. You can choose between four different sizing options, as well as six different colors.

Many reviews have mentioned that the belt has improved their posture while they lift, and that the Velcro straps are able to hold up through any activity.

ProFitness Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt 6" Back Support, Perfect for...
  • IMPORTANT - Please do not use your pants size to determine the size of the belt. Use a measuring tape to measure...
  • PREVENT INJURIES – A well-made workout belt provides proper lumbar/lower back support so you can reduce the risk of...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & ADJUSTABLE– This contoured gym belt not only works for a wide variety of exercises, it’s slim enough...

Next on our list is the ProFitness Weightlifting Belt.

This belt is extremely wide, six inches to be exact, meaning that this product is exceptionally sturdy. Because it is so incredibly rigid, it’s perfect for even Olympic powerlifters and weightlifting.

ProFitness offers a 60-day money back guarantee on their weightlifting belts, no matter what the issue is.

We loved the contoured design this belt has, it allows amazing security to your core while performing. On top of that, we really enjoy the six inch width that strengthens the core up to 25% more.

Iron Bull Strength Powerlifting Belt - 10mm Double Prong - 4-inch Wide...
  • ✅ PREMIUM 10MM THICK LEATHER: Our PowerLifting Belt features a 10mm thick select, exclusive suede leather material...
  • ✅ MAXIMUM SUPPORT: Our 10mm thick weight lifting belt conforms to your body shape sooner and is considered by some...
  • ✅ ADJUSTABLE DOUBLE PRONG: The double roller buckle prongs are precision made, custom zinc plated steel and are...

We love the Iron Bull Strength Powerlifting Belt because it has a double prong, which can offer additional support for some weightlifters.

The belt has double roller buckle prongs that are made from zinc-plated steer to offer exceptional durability. It is four inches wide, and is made from premium leather that is 10mm thick. The belt is finished with a suede surface that is completely non-slip.

You can get this belt in five different colors, and it’s available in sizes small through XX-large.

One thing to note is that a belt with double prongs is typically much more difficult to get on and off, so keep that in mind before purchasing this product.

FlexzFitness Lever Weight Lifting Belt for Men & Women Lower Back...
  • BUILT FOR DURABILITY: Our leather weight belt doesn't break, tear, or wear out like other weight belts made from cheap...
  • GREAT FITTING AND COMFORTABLE: Our weight belt is designed to be soft, flexible, and comfortable to stay in place while...
  • DEADLIFT AND SQUAT 100s OF POUNDS: Our power lifting belt can withstand hundreds of pounds being lifted without...

Our next choice is the wonderful FlexFitness Lever Buckle Powerlifting Belt. This unique product offers a heavy-duty metal buckle that prevents any sliding up your torso. It also reduces pressure on your back during power lifts.

This belt is made of incredibly durable and stiff material with many protective layers of suede, all bundled together with heavy-duty stitching. The item is also IPF and USAPL compliant, so it’s perfect for those of you who are interested in powerlifting.

Leather Power Weight Lifting Belt- 4" Black (Medium)
  • Efective size: 30 1/4" - 37 1/4"
  • The easy to use closure system features a double-prong seamless roller buckle with a single loop to secure belt tab
  • These belts are made of very durable leather and may require some breaking in.

The Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt is ideal for powerlifting. It’s ⅜ inches thick, and 4 inches wide, and made from top-quality leather.

On top of that, it features a lovely soft suede lining to add some additional comfort to the design as well. It also has a double-prong seamless roller buckle to fasten the belt, and a single loop that secures it.

This belt is solidly constructed, perfect for back support, and easy to adjust if you need to. You may need to use it a few times to break the belt in, but once that process is finished, it molds well to the user.

Stoic Powerlifting Belt/Weightlifting Belt - 4 Inches Wide - No Taper...
  • PREFERRED STYLE FOR SERIOUS LIFTERS - 4 inch width all the way around, 10MM thickness (with only 1.2mm of suede)...
  • BUILT TO LAST FOREVER - Belt construction and value, second to none. High-end materials: vegetable tanned, full grain...
  • A DIFFERENCE YOU CAN SEE - We’ve eliminated the inner suede and left the edges of this high end belt raw and un-dyed...

This incredibly strong and durable belt is four inches wide, half an inch thick, and has a single metal belt loop.

Those who properly utilize this belt will see heavier lifts and additional gains overall.

It’s an incredibly versatile product. It can be easily used for Strongman, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, etc. Because of the belt’s non-tapered design, it’s perfect for maximum support, meaning it’s great for heavy lifts as well.

We love that this belt is made of genuine, high-quality leather, making it strong and gives it a great look as well.

Medium Weight Lifting Belt Powerlifting Belt with Lifting Equipment...
  • BUILT TO LAST : our leather weight belt doesn't break, tear, or wear out like inferior weight belts made from cheap...
  • DOESN’T DIG INTO YOUR SIDES OR HIPS : our weight belts are made from genuine buffalo hide leather which is designed to...
  • DEADLIFT AND SQUAT OVER 600 POUNDS WITHOUT BREAKING : customers continue to confirm they’re able to successfully lift...

Here’s another high-quality leather built that will last you for years of workouts to come.

The Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt is made out of premium reinforced leather that is said to not break for anything, nor will it tear or wear out over time.

It’s also very comfortable without being bulky or riding up and digging into your side. The belt is four inches wide and 5mm thick, and features a metal buckle in addition to extra adjustment holes. This means you can adjust it however you like, meaning more comfort for your workouts.

You also get a lifetime warranty with this belt, meaning you can return it if anything does go wrong.

Harbinger 5-Inch Weightlifting Belt with Flexible Ultra-light Foam...
  • NOTE: The measurement should include the adjustable belt portion
  • Extra wide 5 inch strength training belt with 3 inch support strap provides maximum lower back and abdominal support for...
  • Thick, flexible ultra light closed cell foam provides maximum comfort and maintains muscle warmth

Harbinger is a very popular, renowned brand for their products for weightlifters, and their weightlifting belt is no exception.

This belt is five inches wide, but that doesn’t affect the flexibility at all.

It also features comfortable cell foam that pads the interior of the belt, and abrasion-resistant fabric to keep chafing to a bare minimum.

Gabor Fitness Contoured Neoprene Back Support Weight Lifting Belt,...
  • Super Light-Weight Neoprene Foam Body Allows for Mobility
  • Contoured Design for Maximum Abdominal and Back Support
  • Over-Sized Velcro Support Strap Keeps the Belt Tight

Last but certainly not least, we have the Gabor Fitness Contoured Neoprene Back Support Weight Lifting Belt.

This product is a Velcro weightlifting belt, which means it has the advantage of being way more simple to adjust than other belts.

All you have to do is lift the strap and tug gently.

The belt uses an overly large Velcro strap to keep the belt secure, and it includes a roller buckle to make tightening it up very simple.

On top of that, your mobility isn’t restricted at all when wearing this belt, since it is made out of lightweight Neoprene foam.

The contoured design gives you exceptional abdominal and back support without sacrificing any of the comfort. You can even wear a shirt over it easily, without it being too bulky. This is really helpful if you want to be more discreet when wearing a weightlifting belt.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have taken a look at our ten favorite weight lifting belts, let’s discuss what you should consider before purchasing one. You should know what you are looking for and needing before making the final decision.

One aspect to consider is pricing.


There is a huge variety in pricing options with these belts, so it’s important to know what your budget is. That way you can easily rule out options that don’t fit in your price range, and easily choose the best option for yourself.

Also consider the types of activities you will be using the weightlifting belt for.

Some are better for certain activities, or heavier weightlifting, so this is a great way to narrow down your weightlifting belt choices as well.

We hope our list of the ten best weightlifting belts has been helpful to your search for the perfect product.

We know it can be difficult to find the best option for you, especially when the market is oversaturated with options. Having the best of the best right in front of you will help make the ideal choice.

Which item on the list looks like the perfect fit?

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