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Anyone who uses walking, jogging or running as their main form of exercise understands how frustrating it can be when you must stay indoors due to cold weather. Even if you own a treadmill or other types of exercise equipment, if jogging outdoors is your favorite exercise, it simply isn’t the same. You may not even get the same results by trying an alternative workout just because you aren’t mentally involved in the activity.

The experts at Under Armour understand the need to be involved in outdoor activities even when the temperatures begin to drop in the winter. That is why they have created their Under Armour Coldgear Infrared Jacket that can be worn for work or play. It has a versatile style so that it can be used as an everyday jacket, or to keep you warm while you enjoy a late December job around the neighborhood. The brand’s Coldgear Infrared jackets are available for Men, Women, Boys, and Girls so you can keep the entire family warmer even longer.

What Under Armour’s Heated Coats Can Do 

Under Armour ColdGear apparel doesn’t simply keep you warm while you are outside in frigid temperatures. Instead, they work to keep you warm using advanced technology that doesn’t require any additional bulk or weight added to the material. This means that you will have fewer layers to deal with while you are trying to stick with your daily workout routine. While wearing this jacket, you can enjoy the flexibility of lightweight apparel while it feels like you are layered up awaiting the impending blizzard of the winter season. The cold weather gear can do this thanks to the ColdGear Reactor technology that it uses.

What Is Under Armour’s ColdGear Reactor?

The innovative technology that helps you stay warm while wearing Under Armour’s line of ColdGear products sounds extremely complex, but it isn’t too difficult to understand. It is an intelligent added layer of insulation applied to the gear that will adapt to any degree of activity. So, if you are snowboarding, hiking, or just taking a leisurely walk in the park nearby, the jacket will keep your body at the right temperature no matter what.

The science behind how everything works is in the details of the product itself. The innovative reactive insulation gets warmer when the wearer slows down their level of activity. And it goes back to being cooler once activity starts back up again. Allowing you to stay at the ideal temperature so that you are never too hot or too cold.

The fabric used to make ColdGear Jackets is lightweight, easy to move around in, and very flexible. They can also easily be packed away for any type of situation making them perfect for hiking, camping, or mountain climbing adventures.

Under Armour has also added their UA Storm technology to their ColdGear Line making the fabric quick drying and resistant to water. This helps to keep you cool, comfortable and dry no matter what type of outdoor activity you may be involved in.

What Customers Have to Say About Under Armour ColdGear Products 

The Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Jacket has received warm reviews from users with just a handful of disadvantages mentioned from time to time. The one downside that reviewers seem to have in common with the gear is the overall fit for the jackets. While they are available in sizes for Men, Women and Children, the jackets tend to fit a little on the smaller side. Some have described them as being a good fit for a tall, skinny person, but for not for other body types. However, trying on the jacket for yourself can help you determine if that is truly the case.

While the jacket is designed so that the wearer doesn’t have to add on layers, many people are still choosing to use it as a mid-layer piece. And the fact that the material is lightweight as well as non-bulky allows them to do just that. It has a snug fit, which could be the reason why some have difficulty with the size. It’s supposed to fit tightly yet still allow you to move freely. Those who have found the right size fit say that it is a good type of snug that isn’t constricting and feels more like a suit of armor than an actual jacket.

The material used for the Under Armour ColdGear line is strong and durable and the jacket itself includes several pockets to hold all your necessities while you are on the go. It is comfortable to wear in below-freezing temperatures even when you must stay out in the cold for a long period. It is an excellent choice for those who enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding because it manages to keep you warm while you are free to move as much as you need to.

Whether you are a fitness guru, or you just love to be outdoors regardless of the season, you will love the ColdGear line of products from Under Armour. This top-rated, high-quality gear is designed to keep you moving so that you can be your very best every day. Check out the full line available for Men, Women, Boys, and Girls and enjoy staying active even when the temperature starts to drop outside.

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