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How do you feel when you go out for a run, or a session at the gym? Are your pants comfortable enough that you feel support but don’t get any sense of restriction?

If you haven’t tried out a good pair of compression pants, you are missing out on one of the best investments you can make for your fitness routine. We looked through several different brands of compression pants, and we’re here to show you ten of the best pairs you can take with you on your exercise routine.


Why Should I Buy Compression Pants?

runner wearing compression pants

Since you’re already a frequent runner, you know that you need the combination of comfort and support you already find in your shoes. Why shouldn’t that extend to your pants as well? Even if you think that they are an easy target for sweat and dirt (which isn’t the case), you’ll be amazed that just how comfortable your lower body feels while wearing compression pants.

All of the unwanted moisture that comes with an extended run disappears when you sport a pair of compression pants. If you’re worried about how they might hug your figure, you can throw on an extra pair of shorts underneath. They fit perfectly, they’ll resist the amount of sweat you produce, and they just feel “healthy” while you wear them.

Where Can I Buy Compression Pants?

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You don’t have to look very far to find a great pair of compression pants. You’ll find a selection at dedicated outdoor lifestyle stores, like Dick’s Sporting Goods. You might have luck in department stores or other local clothing retailers.

If you shop online, you can use Amazon or one of the many websites available via traditional retail stores. Keep in mind that compression pants tend to fit differently than what you are used to with normal lower body measurements.

What Are The Best Compression Pants?

We looked around at some of the best brands for compression pants, searching dedicated running blogs and reputable reviewers who have extensive experience. We’ve come up with a list of the ten best pairs of compression pants that we can find.

As you look through this list, consider what is important to you in a pair of workout pants. Do you want more resistance to sweat, or are you focused on how comfortable they feel? Each pair we’ve picked out has a specialty and we think you’re guaranteed to find something you like.

DRSKIN Men’s Compression Pants Sports Tights Leggings Baselayer...
  • Compression tights in four-way stretch fabrication featuring logo waistband, DRSKIN Men’s Compression Pants Sports...
  • 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex - Smooth and Ultra-Soft Fabric that provides extreme comfort with very little weight without...
  • Designed for all seasons(training, baseball, basketball, soccer, American football, Squat, weight training, cycle,...

Made from a specific combination of polyester and spandex, the DRSKIN compression pants are ultra-smooth and look inviting as soon as you purchase a pair. Without any restriction on weight, you’ll find these to be incredibly comfortable when you put them on before starting a workout. For those who are focused on running, these are an excellent choice.

The DRSKIN compression pants do a fantastic job of getting rid of sweat from the body, maintaining cool and dry skin while you continue to work out. This also helps to eliminate any of the odors that build up while you continue to exercise. The compression pants contain moisture sensors, helping to identify the areas where you need the most relief.

The pants will dry extremely quickly, enabling you to quickly toss them in the dryer after a washing cycle to get you ready to run again. They work well with any season, keeping you cool in the summer while retaining the needed heat when you are out in the winter.

When ordering these pants, remember that they run small, so be sure to choose the correct size when you pick up a pair of DRSKIN compression pants. That’s the only problem we found in these otherwise excellent pants.

TSLA Men's Thermal Compression Pants, Athletic Sports Leggings &...
  • Alert: True to size : Please follow the size examples below*(EX: Size "Large recommended";" - Size for 6" 215 lbs.)...
  • Washing Tips: Wash separately, by hand, in cold water. Lay flat to dry and do not dry clean.
  • For all sports and cold-weather activities, the TSLA Thermal Baselayer Series is designed with the best heat insulation...

When you hear the name Tesla, you might think of the deluxe cars currently on the market with the same name. While these compression pants won’t get you from place to place without your own legs, the Tesla brand is known for their excellence in workout gear.

These compression pants by Tesla are remarkable for their excellent construction. You will barely notice the seams built into the pants, which are made with 90% polyester. You will primarily wear these during the winter time, but they are still usable indoors during warmer times. The range of motion is incredibly wide, letting you run freely with no restriction on your movement.

With no constriction in your running ability, you can take these on the track and go full speed. Forget about holding back to save your pants from ripping – the Tesla thermal pants proved that you can make a comfortable set of compression pants without sacrificing quality construction.

The three-dimensional patterns help to insulate the heat you will need during the winter months. You might find the sticker price to be a little higher than others. Don’t let this stop you from picking up a set of Tesla compression pants. Your feet and circulation will thank you during the winter.

New Men Sports Apparel Skin Tights Compression Base Under Layer Long...
  • Men's Sports Apparel Compression Pants made using Take Five technology
  • Compression fit bolsters muscle support and increases circulation
  • UVA/UVB Protection - Take Five compressoin protects your skin from UVA/UVB radiation during your outdoor workout

The JustOneStyle brand uses technology known as Take Five. The advanced manufacturing can be felt as soon as these compression pants hit your skin. Even if you have never heard of this brand before, you’ll remember it once you’ve exercised while wearing JustOneStyle.

Take Five designed these compression pants to protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation while you exercise outside. If you’re concerned about sunlight exposure, get a pair of these to ward off any of the negative energy emanating from the sun. The cut and fit of these pants give you muscle support, giving you the circulation you need while working out for an extended period.

You’ll notice that Take Five’s compression pants weigh less than others you may have already tried. With this advantage, you might feel compelled to wear them outside of a workout. We encourage this, as the pants are flexible and comfortable enough to lounge around in while you enjoy a lazy day at home. Once you decide to work out again, you’ll find these pants to be just as useful outside as inside.

adidas Men's Techfit Base Long Tights, Core Heather/Print, Small
  • 25" inseam (size Medium)
  • Climalite fabric sweeps sweat away from skin
  • "TECHFIT" on elastic waist; ergonomically shaped gusset for comfort

You’re guaranteed to have heard of Adidas before, and it’s only natural that they would find their way into the compression pants argument. You’ll enjoy the fact that these pants give you plenty of breathing room no matter what type of exercising you’re planning.

Adidas empowers their compression pants with what they call Quicktime drying. You won’t have to wait long for the pants to finish up their drying cycle if you need to quickly put them on for a workout or a class you need to rush to. Despite their comfort level, their performance didn’t suffer when we put them through testing.

Don’t be afraid to take the Adidas Training Techfit compression pants out for a romp in the mud. They work equally as well in the outdoors, rain or shine, as they do inside a gym. You can take these on the running track or the tennis court and still feel like you are performing at your top level.

This is the first time we have heard of the Spotti name, but we didn’t come away disappointed. We were especially impressed with how long they lasted in our testing, not sacrificing any stretchiness. You won’t feel like these pants are weighing you down in any way while you’re out for a run.

We love how these performed in cold weather conditions. Too often, compression pants can feel like they are holding cold air in place, rather than keeping it on the outside layer. Thanks to shock absorbency and antibacterial properties, the Spotti compression pants ensure that you aren’t going to suffer after using them in your workout.

Spotti’s brand of compression pants gives you the benefit of durability from a name you might not have gone to at first. While everyone else gravitates toward more popular brands, we recommend trying Spotti if you can spot them on the shelf, or in the online inventory. Your skin won’t be irritated, and the price for them is consistent with the rest of the market.

Even better is that they dry just as quickly as anything else on this list. Don’t hesitate to consider Spotti for your next compression pants purchase.

TSLA Men's 3/4 Compression Pants, Running Workout Tights, Cool Dry...
  • Alert: True to size : Please follow the size examples below*(EX: Size "Large recommended" - Size for 6" 215 lbs.) (EX:...
  • TSLA Men's Hyper-Ctrl Compression Series designed for all-weather and all-season.
  • Washing Tip : Wash separately before wearing.

Another entry on our list from Tesla, this pair is specifically engineered for the running enthusiast. You already understand the difficulty you face when looking for compression pants that try to do too many things at once. With the Tesla pair for running, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting by focusing on pants that bend with each stride.

The Tesla compression pants designed for running increase the blood flow all throughout your legs. If you have any issues with cramping or circulation, go with these pants before you consider trying another pair that is built for all sports. Sticking with runner-specific compression pants will help you decrease the chances of injury and fatigue.

Knowing that the perspiration level will be high with running, Tesla made sure that these pants keep you well-ventilated during the summer months. You won’t be nearly as sore when you get finished with your run thanks to the airy feel of the pants. We try to focus on compression pants that are good for all occasions, but these performed too well to go unnoticed. If running is your game, you absolutely have to try these out.

Here’s one more brand of compression pants made by a company you may not have heard of. Baleaf specializes in affordable workout gear. While you might be skeptical of the quality behind the price, we can testify to the comfort and performance of Baleaf after our evaluation.

Baleaf does a great job of taking moisture away from the skin without risking dehydration. They are just as stretchy and supportive as anything else on our list, which is impressive given our lack of familiarity with the Baleaf name. Given the opportunity, we would have loved to put these through a blind feel test to get the opinion of people attached to a particular name brand.

We were very impressed how these compression pants felt during a weightlifting routine. Even though you might normally think these should be worn for cardiovascular activity, we loved how they felt during a particularly grueling lower body routine. They’re extremely breathable and worth the low investment.

You might run into a bit of a problem finding the right size, as the options are limited for those who need larger compression pants. If you manage to find them, these are incredible for your workout.

Final Verdict: Choosing The Best Compression Pants

We were absolutely blown away by how well each pair of compression pants felt during our tests for this list. You really can’t go wrong with anything that we have reviewed, but if we had to pick just a couple, we would point you toward the Adidas Training Techfits.

We expected comfort and a certain level of quality attached to the Adidas brand, and that’s exactly what we got. We didn’t mind paying a bit extra for a recognizable name that comes with a standard of quality and effort. If you need a pair of compression pants to go with your workouts indoors or for a team sport, we recommend Adidas.

If you’re specifically looking for a pair of compression pants for running, you don’t have to look past the Tesla compression pants specifically designed for running. Simply put, we have never felt more comfortable in running pants, and these need to be in every dedicated runner’s closet or drawer. They’re truly not much pricier than anything else on our list, and you’ll notice a difference in your performance from the moment you leave the door.

Regardless of your choice in compression pants, finding the right pair for you won’t be hard with the choices we’ve given you. Make sure you’re stretched out and enjoy your new exercise gear!

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