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Are you looking for the best apps to maximize the potential of your Samsung Gear S3? We created a list of the best Gear S3 apps to maximize the utility of the smartwatch. These apps will save you time and help you be more productive.

Product FAQ

1. What Is the Samsung Gear S3?

The Samsung Gear S3 is Samsung’s flagship Smartwatch. The Gear S3 works with Android phones and is pre-loaded with the Samsung app store for access to Samsung apps. You can also choose to use the Google Play store for a larger selection such as the apps included on our list of the best Gear S3 apps.

2. Can These Apps Use the Gear S3 Bezel?

Many of the apps are optimized for use with the S3 and use the S3 bezel for ease of use in actions such as zooming and selecting.

How We Reviewed

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We reviewed the best Gear S3 apps based on the features and price range. The apps all have very different uses and appeal to different users, so we gave a summary of the features that would appeal to most people.

Overall Price Range

Almost all of the apps included in the best Gear S3 apps can be downloaded for free. Some apps have in-app purchases to unlock premium features such as extended libraries, offline mode, and functions. Typically you’ll pay anywhere from $5 to $50 for premium features, depending on what you want to access.

What We Reviewed

  • Spotify
  • Personal Fitness Coach
  • MapMyRun
  • Facer
  • Glympse
  • HERE WeGo
  • Find My Car
  • Uber
  • Camera Gear
  • Textra SMS



Spotify has all of your favorite songs in one location. Play the classics or the newest songs topping the charts seamlessly from your Samsung Gear S3. Spotify should be your go-to app from your smartphone for its vast music collection and excellent user interface; but you can access it from the S3 for switching between songs without taking your phone out of your pocket. With Spotify for the S3, you can even access songs offline if you are not connected to LTE or Wi-Fi.

Personal Fitness Coach


Personal Fitness Coach, or Pear, is like having a fitness coach built into your Samsung Gear S3. Personal Fitness Coach is an excellent alternative to Samsung Fitness in terms of content library and function. The app will track your stats and tailor a plan to your health and fitness lifestyle. Personal Fitness Coach contains workout plans from world-famous athletes and is made to work seamlessly with the Gear S3. One of the best features of the app is the huge and growing library of workouts and routines.



MapMyRun from UnderArmour is a fitness app for the Samsung Gear S3 that is made for runners. The app is quite different from Personal Fitness Coach in that it uses the GPS in the smartwatch to track your runs, hikes, and walks to train and coach you to hit your running and walking goals.



Facer is the app you need to make your Samsung Gear S3 stand out with a unique style that is all your own. The Facer app lets you choose from a library of 15,000 watch face designs from professional and amateur artists. If you want a more unique design, you can opt to create your own design from their library of templates and you can even share your design through the app.



Glympse helps you keep in touch with friends, family, and co-workers. You can quickly share your GPS location from the Samsung Gear S3 to friends who need to know. If you need directions or want to know if your friends are nearby, this app can help you out. You can also request where your friends with the app are by just using the “request” feature. The interface is intuitive and seamless to use with the S3.



HERE WeGo is a great alternative to Google Maps that works seamlessly with the Gear S3. Here WeGo can help you find a more efficient commute and get around in a new city. One of the best features about HERE WeGo is that you can save maps to be used offline, which is great when you do not have a good LTE signal.

Find My Car


If you have ever spent more than ten minutes searching a crowded parking lot or city streets for your car, Find My Car is an app for you. Find My Car works with the Samsung Gear S3 to quickly and easily track and leave voice memos to help you locate your car after a long day. The app leaves a pin where your car is when you reach your destination. If you feel more details will be helpful to find your car, you can leave a voice message with a landmark or lot number to help yourself find the car later.



If you’ve ever used Uber from your smartphone, you already know it is a reliable ride-hailing service. Uber for the Samsung Gear S3 makes it easier to find a ride without removing your phone from your pocket. You can use the bezel to zoom in and out on the map and plot your pin. You can also use the bezel to dial in the type of Uber ride you want to select. These features are exclusive for the Samsung Gear S3 and help with ease-of-use.

Camera Gear


The Camera Gear app will help you get the best group photos and selfies. The app allows you to use your Samsung Gear S3 as a remote control for your smartphone camera. You can choose to take a photo or set a timer and choose between the front and rear cameras on your phone. No more guessing if you are in the frame or holding the camera at an arm’s length to take photos.

Textra SMS


Textra SMS is a good alternative to send messages using the Samsung Gear S3. The app works seamlessly with the S3 and has a range of customization. You can change the background color, text color, interface mode, and window size for the app. The app works easily with swiping to move between conversations from the S3.

The Verdict

One of the best Gear S3 apps in terms of usefulness and function is Spotify. The app works seamlessly with the Samsung Gear S3 and can be used by anyone looking to play music easily. The app works online or offline to play music and the interface works well with the S3. You don’t need to pick up your phone to switch between tracks or see the artist.

The other app that is most useful for S3 is Facer. Customize your watch face to look exactly how you want it to and choose from 15,000 great designs. The Facer app will help bring your personality to the S3 and that is why we think Facer also holds the title of one of the best Gear S3 apps.

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