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If you are like most Americans, then you do not drink nearly enough water.

Honestly, it is understandable why so many people have this problem. After all, there are sodas, juices, and so much more to drink that has more flavor than water.

With that said, though, there is no drink that is as good for you as nice, cold water.

Water does not contain sugar, calories, or any of the other “bad stuff” found in so many drinks.

And, if you drink your water very cold, such as with special fitness water bottles, your drink will taste cool and refreshing.

In fact, the right water bottle, like specialized water bottles that stay cold, can really go a long way in helping you to drink more water.

So, invest in a water bottle that stays cold and chug, chug, chug to get some amazing health benefits.

Enjoy Clearer Thinking   

First things first, you should know that your brain – the most powerful and important part of your body – is made up of mostly water!

This means that, in order to function at its very best, your brain needs plenty of water each day.

So, when you grab a cold water bottle and take a sip, you aren’t just fueling your thirst. You’re also fueling your mind itself.

People who drink water regularly tend to enjoy clearer thinking and better focus, so drink away. Whether you use a glass water bottle or anything in between, you should greatly enjoy the “mind benefits” that come from guzzling water.

Get Better Endurance  

Did you know that, when you are dehydrated, you don’t function or perform as well as when you’re fully fueled with water?

This fact is an especially important one for athletes, who need to be at “peak performance” levels at all times.

However, anyone, including and especially those who regularly workout or do other strenuous activity, can benefit from being properly hydrated.

Drinking enough water allows you to function and perform at your best and also increases overall endurance and stamina.

So, the next time you aren’t performing at your peak, grab some water and take a drink! It just may solve your little dilemma.

Lose Weight More Easily 

You have probably heard that, if you’re trying to lose weight, you should drink more water.

Have you ever wondered if that statement was true, though? And, if it is true, why?

Well, you will be happy to know that it is definitely true, and the reason why is pretty simple.

A lot of the time, we mistake our hunger pangs for thirst. This means that, if we’re not properly hydrated, we may overeat, which can halt our weight loss goals.

Similarly, people tend to get very full when they drink a lot of water. And, being full means that you are less likely to overeat and to thus mess up your weight loss regimen.

There are also some people who believe that, when you drink cold water, your body has to expend energy to heat itself back up again, which burns calories. And, while you probably shouldn’t skip out on the gym to drink water, there is likely some truth behind this theory.

In all of these ways, drinking adequate water will only help, not hinder, your efforts at weight loss.

Eliminate Headaches

Do you ever suffer from headaches?

While reaching for the Tylenol may seem like the best cure, the answer to ending headaches may be easier than you think.

Many headaches are actually caused by dehydration. Your body (and your head) is essentially begging for water at this stage.

So, if you choose to give your body and brain what they crave – hydration – you can typically eliminate a headache pretty quickly without medication.

Plus, if you make an effort to stay hydrated after the fact, you may just keep your headaches from coming back.

Look Younger 

Like everything else in your body, your skin needs and craves hydration. This includes the skin on your face.

If you find that you’re looking wrinkled and aged before your time, the problem could be that you are not getting enough water.

Try upping your daily water intake, and you might just see those wrinkles start to fill in and those lines becoming less haggard.

As you can see, drinking cold water has many amazing benefits.

If you would like to experience these benefits for yourself, then make it easy. Get a cold water bottle that you love and that makes your water taste great.

From there, it should be quite easy to gradually increase your daily water intake.

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