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Fitbit started out as a one-of-a-kind product that helped launch numerous similar fitness tracking items. The fitness band has helped to change the way that we stay fit and healthy by allowing users to see their progress in real time. The latest product from the brand, many fitness experts consider the Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate band to be the best product from the company to date. It has dozens of features that help back up these claims, and every Fitbit Charge 2 review that you come across has plenty of good things to say about the product.

If you have considered buying an activity tracker and would like to find out which product would be best for your own individual fitness needs, here are some of the fact about the new Fitbit Charge 2 to help you narrow down your choices and make a well-informed decision.

About the Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit Charge 2 has many of the same features as the earlier model, with a few extras that make it worth the purchase. It includes the always-on heart tracking and has a long battery life lasting up to five days. What’s different is the larger OLED display that shows you all the data you want at a glance. The overall design is much sharper, and it also gives you the option to swap out the band with other Fitbit Charge 2 bands so that you can use either leather or rubber, in any color you choose. This Fitbit also includes a watch-style buckle that helps the fitness tracker to stay securely in place while you are on the move.

Can a Bigger Screen Really Make That Much of a Difference?

For some individuals, it may not seem like a major change, but if you like to be able to glance at your Fitbit and see everything that’s going on at once, then this upgrade will be worthwhile to you. The new Charge 2 is available with a selection of different watch faces and the easy-to-read LED display can now show you the time, your heart rate, and the steps you’ve taken all at once. Although the screen will time out, you can easily turn it back on by tapping on the display or pressing the button on the side. Tapping the display will bring up additional data like the number of calories burned or your resting heart rate. For those who want to have as much data as they can on the screen at the same time, a larger screen could make a huge difference in how they use their Fitbit.

The Fitbit Charge 2 has Better Software and More Advanced Features 

The software upgrade offers a great advantage for those who waited around for the release of the Fitbit Charge 2. The app has gone through several changes that help users stay on track much easier. The application is user friendly and allows you to find answers to your questions such as how to reset your Fitbit or how to sync a Witlings scale to the device to keep track of weigh-ins.

The Fitbit Charge 2 software allows you to keep track of everything from your steps to stair climbing, sleep and water intake. It also allows you to make adjustments to settings such as reminders in case you want to increase your daily steps.

When it is time to slow down after your workout, the Relax feature that lives on your Fitbit 2 can help you do just that. It features a focused-timed breathing exercise that promotes relaxation any time you need it. This feature works by gathering information about your respiration rate based on your heart rate data. It suggests that you take time to practice some deep breathing exercises over the course of two to five minutes. Afterwards, it shows you your slowed down heart rate. While it may help you to focus and relax, it is not the same as Apple’s Breathe app available on the Apple Watch. It’s not a meditation exercise, but it is still a nice little extra that you can use on a regular basis after an intense workout session.

Keep an Eye on Your Cardio Health 

The Fitbit app includes a feature that will allow you to see your cardio fitness score. This app is slightly hidden as you must tap on the heart rate and then swipe to access it. The score can help you determine where you are at health-wise and encourage you to make the necessary changes to improve your heart health. It works by doing a reading of your resting heart rate and comparing that to your current body mass index. This information is compared to statistics based on age and gender to provide you with what your heart health numbers should be, and where they stand right now.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is an excellent upgrade from past models and while it has an assortment of features, it would be the ideal activity tracker for anyone just starting out with this type of device. The customization features, larger OLED display and added health trackers help make this Fitbit the best product available from the brand.

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