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Ropeless jump rope is the final frontier of new-age workout equipment.

Jumping is in for 2018, but jump ropes are out. You can take advantage of this popular trend with JumpSnap. If you aren’t familiar with the product, you may have some questions.

What’s the big deal about a jump rope without rope? JumpSnap has incorporated cutting edge technology into their design, allowing users to benefit from a number of features you just don’t get with a regular jump rope.

Jumping with JumpSnap Will Get You Farther

The concept of the product is simple and its layout is easy to use. You grip the handles of the JumpSnap, which are similar to a traditional jump rope. Attached are two balls which swing freely with your motion, emulating and balancing the handles like the rope part of the jump rope.

It couldn’t be easier.

You may have heard that jumping rope can burn up to 125 calories in ten minutes. That’s 750 calories an hour! With that kind of burn, you can’t afford not to jump.

Is jumping without a rope effective? The answer is yes. You’ll burn exactly the same amount of calories, because the motion and physical output of energy are the same.

It’s a fast, simple and effective way to get rid of those extra holiday season pounds. Jumping is convenient. You can do it rain, sun or snow. You don’t have to drive to the gym. You don’t even have to leave your house.

So why should you invest in a JumpSnap? A jump rope without rope seems counterintuitive. The very concept is paradoxical. However, ropeless jump ropes are for sale in many online venues. People are buying them on Amazon, and the reviews are pretty good. Forty percent of users rate the JumpSnap at a 5-star level, while fifteen percent rate it at the 4-star level.

According to Ebay, JumpSnap has been endorsed on the popular television show Dr. Oz as one of his favorite workouts. It’s also been recommended by svelte superstar Hilary Swank as well as Bob Greene, Oprah’s personal trainer.

People love JumpSnap, and rightly so. It’s a revolutionary workout that gives you ample opportunity to reach your goals in good time. It allows you the freedom to perform your workout from anywhere, helping you to keep up with your busy schedule.

How JumpSnap Allows You to Do More With Less

JumpSnap has a number of special features. Its interactive system allows you go deep into your own workout without all the hassle that comes with an often-clunky jump rope.

1. Tracking Your Fitness Levels

One of JumpSnap’s many features is an LED screen displaying the progress of your workout so far. It includes a timer, the number of jumps you’ve completed, and shows you how many calories you’ve burned so far.

This allows you to maximize the effort you put into workout while minimizing the time spent doing them. Want a faster workout, but don’t want to lose out on potential calorie burn? Just amp up your speed, and keep an eye on the screen.

Business Insider reports that JumpSnap founder and inventor Brad LaTour invented JumpSnap to help himself get back into shape — and it worked wonders. LaTour was eventually able to lose fifty pounds using his invention.

2. Bonuses You Don’t Want to Miss

QVC reports that this tiny, portable device comes with everything you need to get started. Batteries, handles, LED screen, and even a workout dvd to get you started. It’s all wrapped up in a convenient and portable gym bag.

JumpSnap even includes insertable weights to use at your discretion. There are six weights, which can be utilized to burn even more calories. You can see how each weight affects caloric burn in the tracker.

Well and Good advises at least three minutes of jumping rope a day, and more is better when it comes to this low-impact exercise. Ten minutes of jumping rope is roughly the same as a half hour of jogging, so keep up with your jumping and you’ll see results quickly.

3. The World Is Your Gym

Ropeless jumping rope frees up space in your life. You can JumpSnap from anywhere, rain or shine, and still get amazing results in less time.

Part of the reason why digital jump ropes are easier to use than their traditional counterparts is because they free up the space around you. You have room to mess up your rhythm without falling down.

You are free to take the JumpSnap with you to the gym and pair it with other workout equipment, but it’s just as effective used at home between bouts of lounging and watching television on a lazy day.

JumpSnap is for the clumsy. The lover of burning muscles. Those who don’t have time to drive to a gym, and those who want a more effective workout.

JumpSnap is for you.

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