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If you love running, then you know that asphalt and cement are the worst for your knees. So many injuries can happen while you’re out there. That’s not going to stop us, of course, but it might slow us down for a while. At least while we recover and figure things out. For those who live in the countryside, you’ve got options like dirt trails and grassy fields to loop. But for city dwellers, a nice solid polyurethane track might be hard to come by within a reasonable distance from home. So, what’s an over-scheduled runner to do?

One of the easiest and most obvious solutions is run on a treadmill. But that, of course, means you either have to drive to the gym, or buy one for your home.

A Little Treadmill History

In previous times, treadmills were, as the nickname “dreadmill” suggests, meant for things other than a safe, warmer way to run in winter. In fact, their roots come from the literal milling done by donkeys and people to grind grain, that is, to mill it. Milling by manual labor was also a form of punishment at one point, for those sentenced to hard labor in prison.

Today, thankfully, treadmills are put to much kinder and more beneficial use. We use them to run or walk indoors, in place, when we can’t get out to a trail, or need to steer clear of hard running surfaces like cement sidewalks.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of treadmill options out there, and finding the right one for your home could be tough. But there’s an innovative one we love from Life Fitness, a well-known company here in America.

The Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Treadmill

A major part of what you’ll love about the new Life Fitness Club Series treadmill is the fact that it’s got a 10” LCD touchscreen. This beauty lets you watch television, access the internet, listen to music or engage with Lifescape™ courses while you work out. These courses add realistic virtual reality landscapes and city walks to your workouts. If you’re craving some outdoors, but you can’t get away, or it’s just too cold out, this is a great way to virtually escape for an hour or two on the regular.

The LifeFitness Treadmill also offers easy start technology. It remembers your favorite workouts, including incline positions and walking and running speeds. It also monitors your heart rate, has a quiet motor, and flexible shock absorption technology to take some of that nasty wear and tear off of your joints.

Things to Consider

Seek Advice from Professionals

Before you invest in any kind of fitness equipment, make sure you connect with your doctor about your workout plans. Your doctor will need to know of any injuries, illness or chronic pain to advise you fully on what’s best for you. It’s also highly recommended that you consult a fitness expert, like a personal trainer, with any questions you might have.

What Equipment You Should Buy

A Life Fitness home gym is a great way to meet all of your fitness needs. You can include the Club series treadmill, a weight bench, dumbbells set, barbells and plates, an exercise bike, some power bands or stability balls, or any other equipment you can imagine. A complete home gym will save you time, energy and money, as you weigh out of the costs of the memberships, transit and all the time spent getting to and from the gym. If you’re not ready to commit to a full home gym, a treadmill and some fitness accessories like a stability ball and yoga mat are a great place to start.

What Others Are Saying

As you decide on the right treadmill and equipment to purchase, it’s important to consider the expert opinions, as well as the thoughts of other consumers like yourself. Experts can give advice on the types of machines, brands of dumbbells, et cetera, and your fellow consumers will give you the nitty gritty thoughts on how things have worked out for them while using given items. There are a great many sources of great Life Fitness Treadmill reviews. Pull up your favorite fitness sites to learn more.

In short, for optimal home fitness, you’re going to need a great treadmill that tracks your fitness stats, and gives options for your running and walking goals. Having a high definition touchscreen and internet and television access won’t hurt, and, in fact, could be the thing that helps you stick to your goals. Hunted by boredom as you run on the treadmill is a thing of the past, at least with a Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill.

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