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Are you tired of the treadmill?

Going to the gym isn’t always a motivating experience. It’s not necessarily one that you look forward to every day. Sometimes it’s an activity that fills your heart with dread, sending you careening into the cliffs of demotivation.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Frequenting the gym is essential for your health, so you need to find a way to make it worth your while. It needs to be safe, protecting your body. It needs to be interesting, or your attention will wane. Before you know it you could be glued to the couch watching television, all motivation lost.

Enter the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer. What exactly is this machine, and what are its benefits?

How the Precor AMT 100i Works for You

The Precor 100i is a machine you can find at your local gym. You can choose to purchase one for your home on Amazon if you’re more comfortable without eyes on you. It looks like a cross between a stepper and an elliptical, and borrows features from these two pieces of equipment as well as the treadmill.

However, this AMT machine is definitely a step up from your average cardio fitness equipment. The AMT (adaptive motion trainer) tailors your workout to fit your exact needs.

You can actually adjust the motion settings on the machine so your legs move in a different way. This allows you to effectively do many different exercises. You can adjust stride length, step height, and intensity.

You can do steps. You can jog. You can walk. You can run. The AMT machine lets you do it all from the comfort of a single machine. You can even do anaerobic motions like lunging.

People love the Precor 100i Adaptive Motion Trainer. It had the highest user satisfaction rate out of three adaptive motion trainers in a survey conducted by Consumer Reports in 2015.

Users stated that the Precor was easy to use and the workout was real and challenging to them. It felt more natural, and had a wide range of options and intensities. The handgrips add another dimension to the experience and enhance balance and caloric burn as well.

When you can custom-fit your workout to fit your current mood, you’ll never have an excuse not to go to the gym. Not only that, but your body benefits from the variation in muscle use. One Medical maintains that switching up the workout can help prevent a weight-loss (or boredom) plateau. You’re also less likely to injure yourself if you do different cardio activities, allowing certain muscles the chance to relax.

Precor AMT Special Features and Workout Bonuses

The Precor AMT 100i wants to work both with you and for you.

It provides a plethora of special workout features designed to enhance your experience. They keep you safe while still giving you the burn you want and need when hitting the gym.

1. Display Console with All the Bells and Whistles

Most cardio fitness machines have a console, but not all of them have one like the Precor 100i. You can look to the screen to give you all the feedback you need about your workout. Time spent in motion is displayed, as well as speed and heart rate.

Curious about calories burned? This information is projected throughout your workout and available at a glance. You can also change settings on the console. The Precor AMT has twenty levels of resistance, which add difficulty and burn more calories.

2. Innovative Technology

The Precor 100i uses Open Stride Technology, meaning you can physically change your workout while you’re still moving. The AMT changes its own settings as your legs change motion. This means you don’t have to press any buttons.

Slowing yourself down and breaking your stride to change up the workout can waste valuable time, not to mention upset your workout groove. With the Precor AMT, you won’t have to worry about this.

According to LiveStrong, the AMT is the safer machine to use. It is designed specifically to be a low-impact workout machine. It protects the knees, hips, joints and muscles in a way a high-impact treadmill simply can’t do.

3. Expanding Your Knowledge of Muscular Anatomy

The Stride Dial on the display screen will give you all the information you could possibly want on your own anatomical musculature. Every time you switch it up and change motion on the Precor AMT, you get the crash course. Muscles are targeted by different movements, and you’ll see this displayed on the Stride Dial as you do your thing.

The Stride Dial will inform and educate you about your body, enhancing your workout experience and improving overall performance.

It’s user-friendly, safe and even educational. The Precor Amt 100i needs to be a feature in the life of anyone who takes health and fitness seriously.

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