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The VMX Rope Trainer. A revolutionary total body workout machine.

Yes, it can help you tone both your upper and lower body. How cool is that?

With more than a hundred exercise combinations for strength, anaerobic and cardio workouts, this truly is an all-in-one workout machine.

If you are looking to add a bit of spice and freshness to your workout routine, rope training might just be what you are looking for. And the VMX Rope Trainer gives you the best rope possible.

What is Rope Training?

A new fad that is taking the fitness world by storm, rope training is an easy, cost-effective yet intense regimen. Previously a hidden secret of martial arts dojos, rope training has become one of the most popular workouts of choice. It involves slamming, “throwing” and creating waves with the rope. The heavier the rope, the better.

With the VMX Rope Trainer, the possibilities and combinations of exercise are endless.

Benefits of Rope Training

Exercise with a rope? Is it even worth it? Well, read on. After you are done you are bound to get yourself an exercise rope and join the movement. Don’t despise rope training. It’s more effective than it looks. The humble rope transforms into a powerful training machine.

1. Stimulates muscle groups that are “dormant”.

Ropes create forces and tension from angles that are more difficult to reach with basic weight training. This arouses the dormant muscles causing your muscles to grow much better than in the case of traditional resistance training.

2. Perfectly sculpts your muscles

Because the ropes work each arm independently, this eliminates muscle imbalance. You get a perfectly sculpted upper body.

3. Provides intense cardio training.

It’s a well-known fact that the best cardio workouts are HIITs, or, High Intensive Interval Training. This is the best description for rope training. It is high intensity. The perfect workout to increase your heart rate.

4. Burn More Calories, In Style.

Tired of weights and other conventional ways of burning calories? Try rope training. Not only is it effective in burning fat, but it’s fun too.

5. Easily Scale Your Workout

With rope training, scaling up to your next workout level is as easy as changing combinations of moves or adjusting the length of the rope. Getting a heavier rope also takes your workout to another level. Talk about easy scaling.

The VMX Rope Trainer: Rope Training Revolutionized

With the invention of the VMX, rope training was taken to a different level altogether. The functionality of this rad piece of equipment makes conventional rope training look like child’s play. It also gives you better results in a shorter space of time, with double the fun.

Advantages of the VMX Rope Trainer

1. Very Versatile.

Different modes from diagonal, horizontal, and reverse pulling give your entire body the work out it needs. No muscle is left “un-toned”. If you are looking for the best workout for every muscle, this is it.

2. Easy to Adjust.

Whether you want to adjust rope length, height, grip, or pull direction – you don’t have to sweat it. Adjusting to fit your desired training routine is so quick and easy it won’t hinder your training.

3. In-Built Tracker.

This clever feature makes it easy to track your performance. Speed, distance, calories, and time, the VMX Rope Trainer helps you keep track of your “vitals”.

4. Adjustable (and Removable) Seat

For variations in the routine, the seat can either be adjusted or removed. This enables you to train while sitting, standing or kneeling. For those in wheelchairs, this is a handy feature as removing the seat makes working out from the wheelchair a breeze.

5. Effective (and Convenient) Kinetic Training

The MVX Rope Trainer is a convenient gym for kinetics. If you are unfamiliar with kinetic training, it is the use of one’s own body weight in training. The beauty of the MVX Rope Trainer is that it is a kinetics workout machine.

Thanks to Marius Popescu of Marpo Kinetics, a full body workout is not only readily available, but it is also fun and funky. Whether it’s at the gym or at home, The MVX Rope Trainer is your partner to a better you. From fitness buffs to noobies, this is a “one size fits all” workout machine. Safe, efficient, and effective, what more could you ask for in a training regimen. It’s not just an exercise rope, it’s a revolution.

What are you waiting for? Take the leap and jump onto the rope training bandwagon.

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