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We all know the drill.

Stumble out of bed, throw on a t-shirt and head for the gym. It’s time to consult the whiteboard and get moving. It’s time for CrossFit.

But what if there was a way you could maximize effort in the gym while minimizing the energy going into performance calculations? Tracking your progress and communicating with the community is always a challenge, but now there’s software that can help you with that. Enter Wodify.

This brand new system is rapidly changing the way we get it on at training time. Wodify is utilizing new technology to aid both athletes and coaches in order for everyone to progress rapidly and reach goals more quickly.

Sound like a win-win? It is.

Work Smarter and Harder with Wodify Crossfit

Wodify is a software system designed to bridge the gaps between gyms, their trainers and the athletes who love them. It enhances the CrossFit experience, which can become complicated to track and maintain over time

Wodify is an incredibly easy system to use. The screened kiosk acts as an interface in place of the traditional whiteboard, where you can refer to your CrossFit WOD as you punish your body with another round of reps. Boxes love it, too. CrossFit Conshohocken claims that Wodify vastly improved the overall experience for users, and made the day-to-day operations of the gym run smoother as well.

It’s better than a traditional whiteboard. You can take Wodify home with you. That’s because it’s also an application on your cell phone. This means that records are accessible at any time. The beauty and power of Wodify lie in its ability to sync you to your box, coach and goals in a much more grounded and real way.

When you leave a gym that doesn’t utilize this awesome technology, you leave your workout behind you. Fitness aspirations melt into the woodwork of everyday life. If you forget to track your progress, you may let it slip.

With Wodify, there’s little danger of that. You can access it from your desktop, from your smartphone, from anywhere in the world. The Wodify app is easy to use and easy to install, with a 4-star rating on Google Play.

What Exactly Can Wodify Crossfit Do for You? 

Wodify allows you to take advantage of a number of resources. All the information you need will be stored in the app and available at the touch of a fingertip. It’s a connective power, a team-builder and motivator rolled into one simple system.

1. Coaches and Athletes Working Together

One of the most important functions of the Wodify system is to strengthen the working relationship between coaches and athletes. It’s much more personal than the whiteboard. This doesn’t necessarily mean the flowers of friendship will blossom (although that can be great as well), but it definitely means better results for you as a box member.

How does Wodify do this? It allows its members to record vital data about their progress and goals directly into the system, which coaches then can review. Because Wodify’s software is based around the cloud concept, coaches can access uploaded data anytime as well. Having access to this data is essential for coaches to tailor classes to fit the needs of the individual.

When coaches are connected, they know the strengths and weaknesses of every participant. They can help to push you harder to attain that flawless physique, or they can guide you more gently depending on your needs.

2. Building a Stronger Fitness Community

Wodify does more than connect coaches to athletes. It connects athletes to athletes. This is perhaps the most essential part of crossfit: the community. What keeps you coming back to a particular box time and time again is the people just as much as the facility.

The Wodify program acts sort of like social media for your CrossFit alter ego. According to PCmag, class members are allowed to communicate directly with one another through the Wodify app. You can see your own progress alongside the progress of other team members, enabling you to compare yourself to others and step your game up if need be.

Classmates can like and comment on other people’s progress. This promotes a nurturing environment, bringing the whole class and the coach closer together. It creates an atmosphere more focused on teamwork than competition, which is essential for the success of the group as a whole.

3. Tracking Crossfit Gains and Reaching Goals

Wodify stores every piece of data recorded in its cloud. That means you can access Wodify data at any given moment, from any device you can log into. By showing you exactly what your stats are each class, Wodify displays your improvements in a way that’s almost tangible. You can see them written down!

This will help you achieve long-term goals while still feeling proud of short-term accomplishments. Wodify is the way of the future, so put your tennis shoes on and hit the road. You’re needed at the gym.

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